Open up the "large artery" and smooth the "microcirculation", and all localities will go all out to do a good job in ensuring the smooth flow of logistics

  CCTV News: Recently, the domestic epidemic has spread in many places, affecting many provinces, and the traffic control measures adopted in some places due to epidemic prevention and control have affected the flow of goods.

In the past few days, in order to open up the "aorta" and smooth the "microcirculation", the transportation and other departments have strengthened overall coordination, and all regions and departments have taken active actions to make every effort to ensure the smooth flow of logistics.

  The Ministry of Transport requires that all efforts should be made to ensure the smooth flow of the "large arteries" of expressways, and at the same time to ensure the smooth flow of "micro-circulation" on ordinary roads, especially rural roads, and comprehensively investigate the specific conditions such as the blockage of ordinary roads and the obstruction of "last mile" transportation.

The Ministry of Transport will also take the initiative to connect with the agricultural and rural departments, and include fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and other agricultural materials and their production raw materials, agricultural machinery and spare parts into the scope of key material transportation guarantees, giving priority to carrying, loading and unloading, inspection, and release; The agricultural materials collection, distribution and transportation vehicles in the port implement the closed-loop management of the whole chain of "port area - highway passage - destination", and "point-to-point" transportation.

For those who meet the general requirements for epidemic prevention, the returning farmers will be transported by means of "point-to-point" chartered vehicles to ensure orderly travel of farmers.

  In the past few days, various regions and departments have been striving to optimize control measures to make truck traffic more efficient and smoother.

Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province simplifies inspection requirements, and the information of agricultural and sideline products transportation vehicles holding a pass is verified and the driver's on-site antigen test result is negative.

Henan introduced 16 measures to ensure the smooth flow of logistics, and established a whitelist system for key enterprises.

  While promoting the opening of emergency material transfer stations in various places and ensuring the cross-regional transportation of key materials, many places across the country have achieved online processing of key material transportation passes, making every effort to ensure the stability and smoothness of the industrial chain and supply chain.

  Wang Yuan, operation management of Zhejiang Transportation Group Huzhou General Management Office: Relevant staff are provided at the exit and entrance as guidance, and it is found that such large trucks should be guided to the dedicated lane as much as possible to allow them to pass quickly.

  In addition to ensuring the smooth flow of logistics, various localities have taken various measures to help commercial and logistics enterprises relieve their difficulties. Jiangsu proposed to include logistics enterprises that participate in epidemic prevention and control and provide guarantees for production and living materials into the scope of special financial support and provide fixed subsidies.

Hefei, Anhui Province clearly gives a subsidy of 300 yuan per person per day to drivers who transport materials produced by key enterprises, and gives a 30% subsidy to freight companies that undertake the transportation of materials produced by key enterprises on employee nucleic acid testing and purchase of protective equipment, up to a maximum of 100,000 yuan. Yuan.

  Industry insiders pointed out that ensuring logistics is the "blood of economic and social development".

All regions and departments are taking active actions to go all out to ensure the smooth flow of logistics, and strive to achieve "people's livelihood must be supported, freight must be smooth, and industries must be recycled."