Google parent Alphabet disappointed investors with its figures for the past quarter.

Sales increased 23 percent year-on-year to $68 billion, Alphabet said on Tuesday.

Analysts had expected a little more.

The bottom line is that profits fell from $17.9 billion in the same quarter last year to a good $16.4 billion (15.4 billion euros).

Alphabet shares fell by around 5 percent in after-hours trading.

Google's advertising business -- Alphabet's mainstay -- grew 22.3 percent year over year to $54.66 billion.

At the same time, advertising revenues on the YouTube video platform rose by a good 14 percent to just under $6.9 billion.

For the so-called "other bets," which lump together the development of self-driving cars and delivery drones, for example, sales jumped from $198 million to $440 million year-over-year.

The operating loss of the range remained thereby with approximately 1.15 billion dollar nearly stable.

Meanwhile, strong cloud business brought the software giant Microsoft significantly more sales in the most recent quarter.

In the three months to the end of March, revenues increased by 18 percent compared to the previous year to 49.4 billion dollars (46.4 billion euros), as the company announced on Tuesday after the US stock market closed.

The bottom line is that Microsoft earned $16.7 billion, eight percent more than a year ago.

The stock initially responded after the trading session with slight price gains.

The computer group can continue to rely on its cloud services.

The Azure platform, which provides many other companies and apps with IT services and storage space on the network, achieved a 46 percent increase in sales.

The career portal Linkedin, which has belonged to the group since 2016, increased its revenues by 34 percent.

Business involving the Xbox game console and hardware products such as “Surface” tablets also recorded significant growth.

Overall, the quarterly figures were slightly above the expectations of the experts.