The job openings-to-applicants ratio for university and graduate students scheduled to graduate next spring was 1.58, rising from the previous year for the first time in four years, while small and medium-sized enterprises are becoming more cautious about expanding hiring, according to a private survey. understood.

From January to last month, Recruit, a major information service company, surveyed 7,200 companies nationwide about their activities for recruitment next spring, and received responses from more than 4,100 companies, or 57%.

According to this, the job openings-to-applicants ratio, which indicates how many jobs there are from companies, was 1.58 times for one university student and one graduate student who are planning to graduate next spring and want to get a job.

This is 0.08 points higher than the previous survey, which was 1.50 times that of the previous survey, and turned to an increase for the first time in four years, indicating that companies' willingness to hire is on a recovery trend.

On the other hand, the total number of job openings increased by 4.5% from the previous year, but by the number of employees, it increased from 5.8% to a maximum of 12.9% depending on the size of companies with 300 or more employees, while it increased to 300. With less than people, the increase was only 0.5%, and SMEs are still cautious about increasing hiring.

Hiroyuki Mogi, a researcher at Recruit Works Institute, said, "Small and medium-sized enterprises are vulnerable to the uncertainties of management due to the corona disaster and soaring raw material prices. It can have an impact. "