The markets are currently looking for the winners of the war.

Defense companies are undoubtedly one of them, as well as raw materials companies, but also the German Stock Exchange.

Your service is in demand like never before.

Not because it supplies arms or oil.

But because it offers stability and reliability in uncertain times.

It is not the gamblers who are bringing her good business at the moment, but all those who arm themselves with derivatives against higher interest rates, hedge against higher electricity and gas prices and who want to protect their portfolio with index derivatives.

The collateral business is also thriving.

It's not the time for gamblers.

It is the time for the cautious.

The stock exchange not only fulfills an important task, but especially in this time.

Trading runs smoothly even on the busiest of days.

The exchange also plays an important role in the implementation of the Russia sanctions, as some assets are currently not allowed to be transferred.

The stock exchange benefits from many years of experience with Iran sanctions.

The company has certainly not been a spectacular growth rocket in recent years.

But a reliable supplier of convincing business figures including smaller takeovers that have broadened the business model and made it even more stable.

As a thank you, the share price is almost at a record high.

No other Dax group can currently claim that.