China News Service, Changsha, April 23 (Fu Jingyi) The opening ceremony of the Hunan 5G Application Ecological Industrial Park was held on the 23rd.

The industrial park features 5G applications. It uses mature urban areas, community population, and 20 industries and 6,000 merchants of Sanxiang Nanhu Industry as application scenarios. To create a complete 5G application ecological chain.

  Hunan 5G Application Ecological Industrial Park is jointly constructed by China Mobile Communications Group Hunan Co., Ltd., Furong District People's Government, and Hunan Sanxiang Nanhu Big Market Industrial Corporation.

The project takes Hunan Mobile Building and Sanxiang Nanhu Building as the dual centers, Torch Road as the east-west axis, and drives the in-depth development of four major market clusters covering 2,000 mu from north to south, creating a 5G industry that integrates business, office, school, and life. leading regional center.

  The industrial park will take Hunan Mobile as the head enterprise, introduce key enterprises in a targeted manner, systematically build an industrial map, and form a 5G application industry chain with coordinated and integrated development of upstream and downstream.

The industrial park will provide enterprises in the 5G application industry chain with multi-faceted services such as demand discovery, scenario discovery, solution development, solution trial, and sales promotion, as well as convenient physical space and professional supporting facilities for settled companies.

Planning map of Hunan 5G Application Eco-Industrial Park.

Photo courtesy of Furong District Propaganda Department

  Qiu Wenhui, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Mobile Communications Group Hunan Co., Ltd., said that for scenarios such as community governance, social livelihood, and commercial trade, the industrial park will form a multi-functional 5G application scenario demonstration, development research, evaluation and promotion, property rights transaction and other multi-functional facilities. 5G application ecological zone.

In the next step, Hunan Mobile will accelerate the cultivation and incubation of 5G+smart education, 5G+ grassroots governance, 5G+smart buildings, 5G+smart parks and other application scenarios to promote the agglomerated development of Hunan's 5G industry.

  At present, the first phase of the industrial park "Sanxiang Nanhu Building", which is a complex of commercial buildings, office buildings and residential buildings, has been completed. The 5G basic network and community-level application scenarios are available, and the service functions such as investment attraction, enterprise services and project promotion are complete. The mature communities, mature business circles and hundreds of thousands of business people in the park constitute the first full-station 5G application scenario in China.

  At the same time, as a technology leader in the 5G ecosystem, China Mobile will provide the park with pan-connectivity and computing capabilities by utilizing 5G, AI, cloud computing, IOT and other digital technologies, realize platform integration data and business innovation, and provide the park with comprehensive technologies Support, with a view to building Sanxiang Nanhu Building into a benchmark for 5G smart buildings in Changsha.

  In the long run, the three parties plan to jointly increase capital and technical investment to form five major application clusters and industrial clusters, including 5G mechanical and electrical equipment, 5G buildings, 5G fairs, 5G campuses, 5G communities, and 5G humanities, and build China's first "5G application". Evaluation Trading Center", the first "5G Smart Market Chain Center" in Central South, and the first "Hunan 5G Application Instance Display Center" in Hunan.