Brewers are seeing their costs soar, and beer drinkers risk having it bitter.

The Dutch company Heineken and the Danish company Carlsberg (owner of the brands Tuborg, Baltika, Kronenbourg and 1664) have already warned.

After months of the pandemic (and the closing of bars), the rises in commodity and energy prices should (again) salt the consumer's bill by half.

The various stages of production, such as malting, fermentation, cooling and bottling are very energy intensive.

And the war in Ukraine has economic repercussions almost everywhere, and therefore also at happy hour.

Bar owners will "try to take their margin"

Russia and Ukraine are very large exporters of barley


the cereal most used in making the drink.

If Heineken said a few days ago that its sales had increased significantly in recent months, the prices of cereals and energy are also increasing, and this does not seem to be settling.

Questioned by

, owners of bistros in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), explain that they will "try to take on their margin", but have no illusions concerning increases "in the medium and long term » the cost of pressure.


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