[Explanation] With the gradual improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, all walks of life in Quanzhou, Fujian have gradually accelerated the pace of resumption of work and production while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

Recently, in the foreign trade zone of Shishi Garment City, which is located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in China and the first market procurement trade pilot city in Fujian Province - Shishi City, the reporter saw that most of the shops have resumed the market.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the scene of shoulder-to-shoulders in Shishi Clothing City is no longer, but domestic and foreign merchants who have been working here for many years have actively responded, keenly captured the changes in market demand, and looked for new opportunities.

  [Concurrent] Shi Zhixiong, Chairman of Shishi Liusheng Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

  This wave of epidemic Shishi has recovered relatively quickly, and the municipal government has cashed out the subsidy funds for foreign trade exports in 2021 in time.

State-owned enterprises have also brought into play their respective advantages and demonstrated their responsibility.

The company directly reduced the financial cost of the supply chain from March to June this year by 60%.

This all plays a big role in the ability of enterprises to improve and resume work and production capacity.

  [Explanation] Hongri Optical Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd. located in Shishi High-tech Industrial Development Zone is an information technology enterprise.

After the outbreak, due to poor logistics, the raw materials from outside could not come in, and the products produced by the company could not go out.

  [Concurrent] Chen Yonghu, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Shishi High-tech Industrial Development Zone

  Help them contact these logistics companies, and then connect them one by one.

Then help them ship out together.

For example, if the original gathering place was in Jinjiang, then we would contact Fuzhou, or go to Xiamen, and ship directly from the high-speed, and then divert it out.

  [Concurrent] Guo Yuning, Chairman of Hongri Optical Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd.

  In March, all the employees and cadres in the entire park lived in the company.

Production has continued as usual throughout March.

At the same time, through this kind of help from the government and the park, our production reached a new high throughout March.

  [Explanation] In order to promote the process of resumption of work and production, the Shishi Administrative Service Center has opened up a green channel for enterprises to resume work and production, and provide enterprises with free consultation, co-organization, agency and other services.

  [Concurrent] Yang Dezhi, head of the business unit of the Shishi Administrative Service Center Management Committee

  Just provide him with some basic materials, and then organize some people to make a connection with a team of our assistant agent.

Like the earliest construction project, it will take at least half a year according to the previous (process), and it will take half a year after the land is acquired to meet the conditions for starting construction.

According to our current model, we have also calculated that we must be able to obtain the start-up procedures within three months.

  [Explanation] Guanhao Sports Goods Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned Hong Kong-owned enterprise, has an annual output of more than 3 million medium and high-end badminton rackets, tennis rackets and beach rackets.

Enterprises were affected by the epidemic in September 2021 and March this year, and capital flows were in trouble.

  [Concurrent] Wang Hongliang, general manager of Shishi Guanhao Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

  The government advocates the resumption of work and production, but many companies have encountered difficulties in funding, so there is this (loan) that just happens to be bailed out.

For example, this rural commercial bank will visit enterprises to see which enterprises need funds, and it will be approved very quickly and quickly, and the money will be received quickly.

  [Explanation] It is understood that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Shishi City has vigorously promoted provincial bailout loans, helped enterprises bail out, and facilitated the resumption of work and production.

A total of 3.49 billion yuan has been assisted in helping small and micro enterprises to renew loans without principal repayment, cut interest rates, and increase loans by 3.49 billion yuan.

  Ke Ning, Fujian, Quanzhou reported

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]