China News Service, Beijing, April 21 (Reporter Xia Bin) The People's Bank of China reported on the 21st that the Governor of the People's Bank of China, Yi Gang, said when he attended the second meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors this year by video connection. The prudent monetary policy is flexible and appropriate, and the policy force is appropriately advanced to support the development of the real economy. The People's Bank of China will flexibly use a variety of monetary policy tools, give full play to the dual functions of the total amount and structure of monetary policy tools, and increase support for the real economy.

  The meeting believed that the current global economy is facing multiple challenges such as the rebound of the epidemic, rising inflation pressures, and geopolitical tensions, and the momentum of recovery is slowing down.

Some members are concerned about the impact of the geopolitical situation on the supply and price of energy and food.

Some members emphasized that major developed economies should make appropriate adjustments and communicate well when withdrawing from supportive policies to avoid negative spillover effects.

  All parties agreed that the G20, as the main platform for global economic coordination, should maintain multilateral cooperation and take measures to deal with new risks facing the global economy while continuing to respond to the impact of the epidemic.

All parties also reiterated that they will continue to support low-income countries in coping with economic shocks such as the epidemic.

  The meeting pointed out that the development of sustainable finance is of great significance for promoting a green and inclusive economic recovery and achieving sustainable development.

All parties affirmed the work progress of the G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group, and looked forward to continuing to advance key tasks such as formulating a financial policy framework for transformation, promoting green financing in developing countries, and implementing the G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap.

  Yi Gang stressed that under the current situation, the G20 should focus on the coordination of economic and financial policies and jointly promote the recovery of the global economy.

The People's Bank of China will continue to take the lead in formulating a financial policy framework for transformation, promote the implementation of the G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap, and promote sustainable financial development.