Renesas Electronics, a major semiconductor manufacturer, revealed that it has strengthened fire protection measures such as installing a high-sensitivity smoke detector by opening its main factory in Ibaraki prefecture, which was shut down due to a fire last year.

Renesas Electronics' Naka factory in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, mainly produces semiconductors for automobiles, but a fire broke out in March last year, forcing the production to be suspended for about a month.

It took about five months from the outbreak to restore the shipment volume to the original level, which was one of the causes of the shortage of semiconductors mainly for automobiles.

On the 21st, the state of the factory after restoration was disclosed to the press, and the company explained about fire prevention measures after the fire.

Among them, in addition to the smoke detector that is 1000 times more sensitive than the standard stipulated by law, a sprinkler that was not installed because there is a chemical solution that ignites when exposed to water will be newly installed in a place without chemical solution. And so on.

In addition, since operations are increasing temporarily at factories after frequent earthquakes, we will increase the inventory of inventories just before completion and review the work process to minimize the impact. It means that we are also working on it.

Hidetoshi Shibata, President of Renesas Electronics, said, "We intend to take the utmost measures to prevent fires. In the future, we would like to invest in strengthening production."