Regarding the recent rapid depreciation of the yen, President Mimura of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry said at a regular meeting on the 21st that "the trade deficit is increasing and the depreciation of the yen is clearly disadvantageous to Japan." He acknowledged that the current level of foreign exchange is unfavorable for the Japanese economy.

In this, Chairman Mimura pointed out that the depreciation of the yen, which has been progressing rapidly recently, is increasing the trade deficit due to the depreciation of the yen even though the import volume has not increased. It is a disadvantageous situation for Japan. I would like economic experts to properly sort out how the current depreciation of the yen will affect Japanese companies. "

On top of that, "The depreciation of the yen is good for the Japanese economy, but rapid exchange fluctuations are not good, but I think that is really the case. Even if overseas demand increases, it is not exported from Japan. It is produced at overseas bases. Even for small and medium-sized enterprises, the depreciation of the yen is working for the worse. "