(Focus on Boao) Boao's Prospects: Strengthening China's Determination to Open Up in the Changing Situation

  China News Service, Beijing, April 18 (Reporter Liu Liang) The Boao Forum for Asia 2022 Annual Conference will open on the 20th in Boao, Hainan.

Against the background of a century of changes, the intertwined epidemic of the century, and the increase of international geopolitical risk factors, the forum was held as scheduled, showing to the outside world China's firm determination to open up to the outside world.

  As a platform with world influence, the Boao Forum for Asia has always been an important "window" for the outside world to observe China's opening to the outside world.

Starting from a small fishing village that was once unknown, to an international stage that is now famous all over the world, the Boao Forum for Asia will once again attract global attention.

  Yang Baoyan (YANN BOZEC), President of Taipai Siqi Asia Pacific and President and CEO of Coach China, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that as a globally influential exchange and dialogue platform, the Boao Forum for Asia focuses on important issues, This grand event has increasingly become an important platform for China to release information on expanding opening up.

  "As the host, China continues to release high-level opening signals through this platform, so that the world can see the blueprint and trend of China's continuous opening up and reform, and it also allows all parties to further understand China and understand the new situation of China's development." Yang Baoyan Say.

  In recent years, the pace of China's opening to the outside world has been accelerating, and more and more foreign investors have seen not only opportunities through the Boao Forum for Asia, but also China's determination to open up.

  Yang Baoyan pointed out that the Boao Forum for Asia brings together various forces and different talents. The holding of the forum breaks the boundaries of the industry. While narrowing the distance between all parties, it also promotes the in-depth integration and communication of partners from different industries, and further promotes cooperation opportunities.

As a foreign company, through this unique platform, we have a deeper understanding of the Chinese market, and it also provides opportunities for exchanges and learning to serve the world.

  The outside world is also very concerned about the signals released by Chinese high-level keynote speeches at the Boao Forum for Asia.

Yang Baoyan said that from the important commitment of the 2019 forum to the foreign investment law to encourage more foreign capital to enter China and further expand opening up; to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the forum last year, all walks of life have been discussing building a new development pattern of "dual circulation" and promoting high-quality In recent years, the Boao Forum for Asia has continued to demonstrate China's determination to share market opportunities with the world and continue to expand opening up.

  Since its official establishment in 2001, the Boao Forum for Asia has played an important role in promoting the development of Asia and the world.

In the current special turbulent period in the world, it is of great significance to hold the forum as scheduled.

  Li Yong, deputy director of the Expert Committee of the China Society for International Trade, told a reporter from China News Agency that the world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, with all kinds of contradictions, conflicts and crises occurring at the intersection. An open and inclusive exchange platform to discuss the current frontier issues and common challenges facing global stability, economic and trade development.

  "The Boao Forum for Asia is not only a forum for China, but also a forum for Asia and the world. It is an important platform for enhancing mutual understanding and mutual trust, promoting and building consensus." Li Yong said, under the new situation of prominent international conflicts and global economic and trade conflicts , looking forward to the Boao Forum for Asia to put forward rational and positive proposals and solutions for world peace and development, and to solve outstanding economic and trade problems.

  From "New Century, New Challenges, New Asia: Economic Cooperation and Development in Asia" in the first annual meeting to this year's "Pandemic and the World: Promoting Global Development and Building a Common Future", the theme of the annual Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference is determined by the current situation. What has changed, but not changed, is the effort to drive consensus.

  When talking about his understanding of the theme of this year's forum, Li Yong believes that after more than two years of global epidemics, the economies of different countries have been affected to varying degrees. How to restore the global economic order affected by the epidemic and reconstruct the dynamic pattern of economic development? It is an issue that requires discussion and consensus building.

  "The setting of this theme will help people understand the changes due to the epidemic, rationally think about solutions for economic growth, and clarify short-, medium- and long-term development trends." Li Yong said.