13 listed companies invested more than 10 billion yuan in research and development

  Accelerate the creation of original technology sources

  Our reporter Du Yumeng

  A-share listed companies have entered a period of intensive annual report disclosure, and the R&D investment of listed companies has also surfaced.

According to statistics from Flush iFinD, as of April 17, among the 1,903 A-share listed companies that have disclosed their annual reports, 1,703 companies have announced their R&D investment. In terms of amount, the total R&D investment is about 754.646 billion yuan. , an increase of about 28% year-on-year.

Among them, 13 companies will invest more than 10 billion yuan in research and development in 2021.

  "In the past two years, the endogenous driving force for innovation and development of enterprises has increased significantly." Liu Xingguo, a researcher at the Research Department of the China Enterprise Confederation, said that, on the one hand, the technology blockade in some developed countries has made Chinese enterprises soberly realize that only by mastering key core technologies Only in our own hands can we ensure the safety of enterprise development; on the other hand, due to the repeated impact of the epidemic, the uncertainty faced by enterprises in the process of development has increased, and technological innovation can help enterprises get out of difficulties and develop.

At the same time, innovation incentive policies such as the deduction of relevant R&D expenses are also conducive to promoting enterprises to increase investment in innovation.

  Song Xiangqing said that increasing investment in R&D is an important starting point for leveraging the market, and it is the core means and secret to turning market potential into development momentum.

Improving technological innovation capabilities will not only help companies accelerate their transformation and upgrading, but also enable some companies to overtake on curves.

  If the aforementioned 1,703 listed companies that have announced their R&D investment are classified according to the nature of the companies, it can be clearly seen that the R&D investment of state-owned enterprises is considerable.

The data shows that among the 1,703 listed companies, there are 596 state-controlled listed companies (including state-owned enterprises, provincial state-owned assets, prefectural and municipal state-owned assets, and other state-owned companies), with a total R&D investment of about 481.051 billion yuan. The proportions are 35% and 64% respectively.

Among them, there are only 235 listed companies held by central state-owned enterprises, with a total R&D investment of about 354.31 billion yuan.

  Judging from the 13 companies with a total R&D investment of more than 10 billion yuan, the total R&D investment is about 253.058 billion yuan, of which the total R&D investment of state-controlled listed companies is as high as 223.628 billion yuan (including 9 central state-owned state-owned holding companies, the total R&D investment About 211.191 billion yuan; a provincial state-owned holding company, with a research and development investment of about 12.437 billion yuan), accounting for 88.34%.

  Song Xiangqing, deputy dean of the Institute of Government Management of Beijing Normal University and director of the Industrial Economics Research Center, said that as the main front of the national economy, state-owned enterprises undertake most of the research and development tasks of cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge technologies, and they also have many advantages in terms of research and development investment.

In the future, as state-owned enterprises continue to increase investment in research and development, more "stuck neck" problems in core technology fields are expected to be solved.

  In Song Xiangqing's view, there are three driving forces for the long-term sustained medium-to-high-speed growth of China's economy, namely, policy, scientific research, and capital.

Among the three, scientific research can create new kinetic energy, give enough "horsepower", and have the dual functions of traction and support.

  "Combining past experience, there is an obvious positive correlation between scientific research investment and economic growth." Liu Xingguo explained that with the increase of scientific research investment, corporate innovation results will continue to emerge.

After the technical level is improved, the added value per unit of product will also increase, thereby increasing the total economic output.

Therefore, the growth of R&D investment in science and technology can leverage economic growth.

In general, under the requirement of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to "accelerate the creation of a source of original technology", it is expected that the R&D investment and willingness of state-owned enterprises will continue to increase.

(Securities Daily)