China News Service, Hangzhou, April 15 (Chai Yanfei, Wang Yifei, Zhang Yuhuan) North of Hangzhou City, Nanzhuangdou Toll Station, trucks from all over enter Hangzhou, most of them are destined for Hangzhou farmers two kilometers away. By-product logistics center (hereinafter referred to as agricultural and sideline center).

In stark contrast to the continuous traffic of trucks, the surrounding area of ​​the center has completely stopped because it is classified into the "three zones" for epidemic prevention and control.

This kind of movement and stillness is exactly the current situation of the largest "vegetable basket" in East China.

  Recently, the agricultural and sideline center has been harassed by the epidemic - there are traces of positive infections involved, and Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, where it is located, has also found many cases of positive infections among foreign truck drivers.

Under the severe situation, Yuhang, which is well aware of the nature of the agricultural and sub-center's "mainland supply of agricultural products in Hangzhou", did not shut it down. The orderly operation of vegetable and meat markets has maintained the "big rear" of supply for Hangzhou, which is facing the local epidemic.

The emergency moment of the largest agricultural and sideline products distribution center in East China

  Hou Weidong, a vegetable supplier, never thought that the outbreak of the epidemic that he saw on TV in the past would appear beside him.

He didn't even expect that his business would not be "broken" during this special period.

  The agricultural and sideline center is located at the north gate of Hangzhou, bringing together 9 major professional markets and 1 freight market.

The largest distribution center for agricultural and sideline products in East China is responsible for 75% of Hangzhou's agricultural product supply, and radiates Zhejiang Province and even the Yangtze River Delta.

  The tense time started at the end of March.

The trajectory of one positive infected person released by Hangzhou includes the Liangzhu Vegetable Market in the Agricultural and Sideline Center.

Later, at the high-speed toll station near the agricultural and sideline center, a number of positive infected persons were detected among the truck drivers.

Residential areas around the agricultural and sideline center have also found sporadic epidemics... After the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the agricultural and sideline center ushered in the most severe situation.

Market to close or not to close?

The staff affixed the word "Fu" to the sterilized truck as a seal.

Photo by Zhang Yuhuan

  "If we shut it down as soon as there is a problem, our prevention and control work may be much easier. But it is our responsibility to ensure supply for Hangzhou." said Liu Ying, member of the Standing Committee of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Yuhang District Party Committee.

The district makes it clear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to closing the market, not one-size-fits-all to block the supply of goods, one-size-fits-all to prevent purchases, no one-size-fits-all overstocking of goods, and no one-size-fits-all restriction on employees.

  In order to ensure both epidemic prevention safety and stable supply, rapid response and good prevention and control encounters are the foundation.

  Huang Peipei, full-time deputy director of Yuhang District Epidemic Prevention and Control Office, introduced that after the outbreak of the epidemic, Yuhang started the "peace-to-war transition" and implemented the "five fast" requirements of fast flow adjustment, fast detection, fast grouping, fast transportation, and fast isolation as soon as possible. , comprehensively investigate risks, and immediately delineate the "three zones" to implement management and control.

  For example, in terms of fast-flow adjustment, Yuhang requires the information to be understood as soon as possible, especially the core personnel such as close contacts in the market, who will conduct a review after a round of adjustment to check for leaks and fill vacancies.

In terms of express transfer, the local area will sort according to the management time of the close and sub-intensive personnel, and remind and warn in time to ensure that "the answering personnel will be connected on time", and if some personnel are unable to arrive at the transfer centralized pick-up point on time, additional minibuses will be dispatched for short-distance connections. , make sure to get on the bus in time.

  Research and judgment, flow adjustment, approval information, grouping and transportation, forming a "closed loop" of isolation... Under the interlocking links, Yuhang has realized the daily clearing of sales numbers that "should be isolated".

  While cutting off the chain of transmission, Yuhang implemented temporary control over the Liangzhu vegetable market, carried out comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, and relevant personnel implemented health management measures in accordance with regulations, so that the market could resume business in the shortest time.

  A series of rapid responses allowed Yuhang to promptly extinguish the epidemic in its infancy.

At present, the grain, oil, vegetable and meat markets in the agricultural and sideline center are operating normally, and prices are stable.

 The normalized closed-loop method behind the orderly "movement"

  Facing the "enemy" head-on, Yuhang initially won the encounter.

In the context of the local epidemic spreading in many places and local outbreaks across the country, it is even more necessary to continue to fight the normal battle of prevention and control to ensure supply.

In Yuhang, the implementation of a number of closed-loop management methods has enabled the agricultural and sideline center to move in an orderly manner.

  "I run three times a day when there are many times." Jin Gaohong, a native of Hubei, has been working in Hangzhou.

Recently, he went to the truck connection center set up in Yuhang almost every day. After wearing protective clothing, masks and gloves, he started the connection work for the day.

Inside the room of the "Home of Agricultural and Sideline Logistics Staff" opened in Yuhang.

Photo by Wang Gang

  Truck drivers are a key group in Hangzhou to strictly prevent the importation of the epidemic.

At present, there are about 7,000 trucks going to and from the agricultural and sideline center every day.

On the basis of strengthening the epidemic prevention inspection of high-speed toll stations, in order to keep the "gate", Yuhang innovatively established a truck connection mechanism in the agricultural and sideline center, and set up a truck connection center to realize the "separation of people and goods" management and control.

  Shen Yibin, deputy director of the Liangzhu Sub-district Office where the agricultural sub-center is located, introduced that after the truck enters the connection center, the driver will be immediately isolated and the vehicle will be killed.

After the cab is sealed for half an hour, the local driver will be arranged by the market to enter the market to unload the goods, and then drive to the service station again.

  In order to guard the "small door", the local market supervision department has arranged personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day at the entrance of each market in the agricultural and sideline center.

  Pan Weijie, deputy squadron leader of the Law Enforcement Squadron of the Wuchang Institute of Yuhang District Market Supervision Bureau, is the "goalkeeper" of the Liangzhu Vegetable Market.

The focus of its work is to implement the "3+3" measures for those entering the market.

"In addition to the '3' of temperature measurement, code scanning, and wearing a mask, we also need to check the new '3' of the 24-hour nucleic acid negative report, itinerary code, and ID card to ensure market safety."

  Li Hangchuan, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Yuhang District Market Supervision Bureau, introduced that the local government manages doors, people, goods, environment and places through one market, one special class + inspection and supervision. For example, digital management of imported goods is implemented to ensure that all goods enter the chain. manage.

  To ensure the safe operation of the agricultural and sideline center, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of people and objects in the field.

  The local area has recently put into use the "home for agricultural and sideline logistics staff", which has been transformed from the factory dormitory. It provides 377 rooms for business households and workers, with complete supporting facilities.

  Shen Yibin introduced that the occupants took the car to the agricultural and sideline center in the morning, and returned in the evening. They could not leave the market in the middle to reduce the risk of external infection.

  In order to ensure the sanitation and safety in the agricultural and sideline center, the Yuhang District Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau coordinated the enterprises and dispatched 11 vehicles to clear and transport medical waste and special medical boxes.

During the closure and control period, cleaning and transportation personnel were in short supply. The bureau coordinated the streets and cleaning forces to process 800 kilograms of medical waste and 2 tons of domestic waste every day.

  Focusing on the protracted war to prevent and control supply and upgrade new "tactics"

  Zhejiang has made epidemic prevention and protection a top priority at present.

Yuan Jiajun, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, said in Hangzhou on the 13th that he investigated the work of ensuring smooth supply and the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and said that localities should take more precise and effective measures to ensure that the supply chain is not greatly affected.

  How to make epidemic prevention measures more accurate and effective?

In the epidemic response of the agricultural and sideline center, warm humanistic care also plays a significant role.

This is reflected in Yuhang's attitude towards truck drivers.

  In the truck connection center, the staff uniformly used the square "Fu" sticker when pasting the seal on the door of the truck.

"It doesn't look good with a normal white seal, so we put a 'blessing', which is also a blessing to the driver."

  At the high-speed toll station, Yuhang, in accordance with the deployment of Hangzhou City, provided free meals for truck drivers and also required thermal insulation measures to ensure that drivers from other places could eat hot meals.

  Under the combined effect of management and control and caring temperature, the current daily supply of vegetables in the agricultural and sideline center is more than 1,500 tons, the daily supply of meat is more than 5,000 heads, and the daily supply of grain is more than 2,500 tons.

  The epidemic situation is complex and changeable, and prevention and control are more related to the long-term.

On the basis of effectively responding to the current round of the epidemic, how to do a long-term epidemic prevention and smooth operation has also become the thinking direction of Yuhang.

  "Only by allowing the professional market to achieve normal operation under the epidemic and solidifying various mechanisms can the agricultural and sideline logistics system be smoothed and the people's dining table will not be affected." Huang Peipei said.

Inside the Liangzhu Vegetable Market, which is operating normally.

Photo by Zang Chengeng

  Empowering the long-term management of agricultural sub-centers with digitalization is an important aspect of the curing mechanism.

An example from the relevant person in charge of the Yuhang District Data Management Bureau: "In order to better manage employees in key industries, we have established an organizational structure network of key industries, enterprises, sites, and employees, and formed a supervision object library for key fields in all fields. , which can carry out early warning of nucleic acid testing for key personnel, and achieve refined management of key groups."

  In addition, these solidification mechanisms also include the aforementioned truck connection mechanism, and a supply guarantee whitelist system for practitioners in the supply guarantee market.

  Liu Ying said that Yuhang will conscientiously summarize the work in the previous stage of the resumption, promptly check shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and fill loopholes, continue to improve prevention and control capabilities, firmly hold the epidemic prevention position, and ensure that the "two fronts" of prevention, control and supply guarantee go hand in hand. , to promote the continuous improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation.