Digital RMB "flying into ordinary people's homes"

  Our reporter Pan Fuda

  Digital RMB ushered in the expansion of the third batch of pilot areas.

The People's Bank of China said at a symposium on the pilot work of digital renminbi research and development a few days ago that it will expand the scope of the digital renminbi pilot program in an orderly manner, adding Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Fuzhou and Xiamen, Zhejiang to the existing pilot areas. Six cities in the province hosting the Asian Games (Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing and Jinhua) are used as pilot areas; Beijing and Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province will be converted into pilot areas after the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics are completed. pilot area.

  After this expansion, the number of digital RMB pilot areas has increased to 23.

The reporter noticed that the application scenarios of digital renminbi in the latest pilot areas have been rapidly implemented, and banks and Internet platforms have rushed to the pilot application scenarios, and a new round of "red envelope rain" has started.

The new round of digital renminbi pilots is accelerating its integration into people's lives, playing a more active role in serving the real economy and facilitating people's lives.

  The new pilot cities are "new"

  In an optical shop beside Jinling Middle Road, Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, after some selection and comparison, Ms. Yin, a citizen, finally chose a favorite pair of glasses and was ready to pay.

"Come on, scan the digital renminbi." The store owner took out a digital renminbi aggregated collection code of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and she completed the payment with one scan.

Huzhou has been clearly included in a new batch of digital RMB pilot cities, and some merchants in Changxing County have opened digital RMB transaction channels.

  Xiao Zhang, a post-00 citizen in Guangzhou, can't wait to go to a Vipshop store to experience the digital RMB checkout.

"You can just swipe it with your phone. The experience is very 'smooth' and it's so convenient to use!" Xiao Zhang said with emotion.

As the digital renminbi pilot landed in Guangzhou, Lingnan Business Travel's business segment Guangbai Stock and tourism segment Guangzhi joined hands with China Construction Bank Guangzhou Branch to create a new digital renminbi payment experience for citizens, becoming the first commercial and tourism enterprises in Guangzhou to apply digital renminbi.

  At the Weiweike Cultural and Creative Cluster, a Taiwanese youth entrepreneurship and employment platform located in Fuzhou's Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, Taiwanese youth Huang Deyou opened the "Digital RMB" APP to complete consumer payment and bought a cup of coffee. This is the first digital RMB to be piloted in Fuzhou. Cells use digital renminbi for offline consumption payment.

  The Fuzhou digital renminbi pilot application scenarios are expanding in areas such as transportation, shopping consumption, and living expenses.

It is also understood that Fujian Expressway will use Changle Service Area, Airport Collection Management Office, Kuai’an Collection Management Office and other supermarkets (Yijiagou), gas stations and lane tolls as the pilot application scenarios of digital RMB in the early stage, from easy to difficult , from point to surface in an orderly manner.

  The Asian Games scene becomes a bright spot

  The "14th Five-Year Plan" outline proposes to steadily promote the research and development of digital currency.

Recently, more than 10 provinces have included the digital renminbi pilot project into the financial "14th Five-Year Plan".

After adding the third batch of pilot areas, the scope of the digital renminbi pilot basically covers different areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, central, western, northeastern, and northwestern regions.

  "From the perspective of the third batch of pilot areas this time, the layout of digital renminbi is more reasonable." Dong Ximiao, chief researcher of China Merchants Union Finance, said that in the third batch of pilot projects, 6 cities within the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Province were selected, mainly considering the scene of this year's Asian Games, and at the same time It also takes into account relevant cities in the northern region, southwestern region and southern China region, which have previously included the application for digital RMB pilot cities in their government-related work plans.

  In his view, the participation of more regions in the pilot will help to conduct a larger-scale test and application of the digital renminbi, test the performance of the digital renminbi system more deeply, and help more users experience the charm of the digital renminbi in advance.

In particular, incorporating the Hangzhou Asian Games scene into the pilot scope will provide more payment options for domestic and foreign participants in the Asian Games, which will help improve the international status of the digital renminbi.

  According to data previously disclosed by the central bank, as of the end of 2021, there have been more than 8.0851 million pilot scenarios, a total of 261 million personal wallets have been opened, and a transaction amount of 87.565 billion yuan.

"This shows that the digital renminbi has taken a big step in the pilot application, and is more and more recognized and welcomed by the public, and it has begun to 'fly into the homes of ordinary people'." Dong Ximiao said.

  Su Xiaorui, a senior analyst in the financial industry of Analysys, also believes that the digital renminbi has now accumulated rich application experience, the frequency of use has continued to increase, and the number of opened wallets has continued to expand. The pilot work has laid a solid foundation.

  Internet platforms are "grabbing the beach" one after another

  After the central bank officially announced the "orderly expansion of the scope of the digital renminbi pilot", various banks expressed their full efforts to promote the promotion of the pilot application of the digital renminbi, and Internet platforms have also "grabbed the beach".

  Meituan recently announced the issuance of digital renminbi livelihood consumption subsidies to the third batch of pilot city residents. Residents of 11 new digital renminbi pilot cities can open the APP to search for "digital renminbi", complete the registration and receive a digital renminbi consumption package worth 40 yuan.

A relevant person in charge of Meituan revealed to reporters that a week after the central bank announced the orderly expansion of the scope of the digital renminbi pilot, the number of people in the pilot cities who signed up for digital renminbi activities continued to increase. The platform participates in activities and uses digital RMB for consumption.

  The reporter also learned from that users in new and old pilot cities can open the APP to search for “digital RMB” and enjoy a digital RMB gift package of up to 110 yuan for shopping on; WeChat Pay has fully opened support for digital RMB in all pilot areas.

  Industry insiders generally believe that, based on the positioning to meet domestic retail payment needs, as the pilot enters the "third stage" covering more regions and a wider range of people, the digital renminbi will put more emphasis on the in-depth penetration of people's lives and the effective consumption of people's livelihood. pull.

  "Combining this year's economic situation, the digital renminbi is a good lever to serve people's livelihood and drive consumption." Wang Pengbo, a senior analyst in the financial industry of Broadcom Consulting, believes that the pilot phase of the digital renminbi is expanding rapidly, but the construction of commercial sustainability still needs to continue.

He suggested that efforts can be made in three major areas, including covering more small-value high-frequency consumption scenarios, exploring more operation methods, and innovating digital RMB promotion models.