Kazuaki Hasegawa, president of JR West, said that it is necessary to think about the local routes that are difficult to maintain as the business conditions continue to be difficult, "it is necessary to think together with the local government and the national government as a trinity," and JR alone will continue to operate as before. I reiterated the idea that it is difficult to continue.

JR West is expected to have a large final deficit for the second consecutive year due to the stagnation of users due to the declining population and the impact of the new corona, and there is an urgent need to rebuild its management.

On April 11, the company revealed that the individual balances of 17 lines and 30 lines in the Kinki and China regions, where the number of users is particularly low, and the Hokuriku region are all in the red.

Regarding this, President Hasegawa said at a press conference on the 13th, "We have maintained the local route by the company's self-help efforts, but it is very difficult due to the difficult business situation. It is necessary to go, "he reiterated the recognition that it is difficult for JR West alone to continue operating as before.

On that basis, he reiterated his desire to explore the ideal form of regional transportation based on the needs of railway lines, including the conversion to bus routes.

On the other hand, regarding the fact that local governments along the railway lines have raised concerns that it may lead to the abolition of routes, President Hasegawa said, "Publication of income and expenditure is the starting line of discussions, and discussions on how to transport the region. I would like to continue to do so, "he emphasized the idea of ​​proceeding with discussions on a zero basis rather than having a conclusion.