With increasing digitization, vehicle control units take on increasingly complex tasks, from infotainment to driver assistance systems to electric driving.

The integration of all components is therefore becoming increasingly important.

However, this process is extremely complex.

This is especially true as once in the hands of customers, cars are constantly receiving software updates with new and improved functions.

The Electric Software Hub offers decisive advantages in this new universe: no fewer than 1,100 experts from 19 cross-functional functions work there in close collaboration.

Up to 2000 jobs

From 2025, all new vehicle architectures will be exclusively electric.

When it comes to vehicle software, from basic research and development to software coding, Mercedes-Benz takes a holistic approach.

About a thousand new jobs are currently being created for software developers in Sindelfingen alone, while internationally up to 2,000 additional jobs are currently being created in the R&D network.

70,000 m² spread over 8 levels

From top to bottom, from code to product, software and hardware penetrate more and more into the vehicle until they are integrated into the prototypes at the level of the lower spaces.

During this phase, intensive exchanges with vehicle factories all over the world take place with a view to transferring new developments to series production in the best possible way.

The “digital test drive” technology in the Electric Software Hub goes so far as to allow the complete simulation of a test in the vehicle.

It consists of moving and testing a virtual vehicle in a fully simulated environment, like a real test drive, with the difference that this "test drive" takes place in a laboratory on the sixth floor of the Electric SoftwareHub.

The rolling prototypes are located on level 4, while the three lower levels are intended for laboratories, workshops and test benches.

This is where the various global challenges that Mercedes-Benz vehicles have to meet can be reproduced.

Vehicle test benches allow testing.

In addition, the Electric Software Hub has 250 charging stations.


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