China News Service, Beijing, April 10 (Reporter Du Yan) Beijing Daxing District issued the "Interim Measures for the Promotion of Hydrogen Energy Industry Development in Daxing District" (2022 Revised Edition) (referred to as "Hydrogen Ten Articles 2.0"), "Daxing District Supports Business Interim Measures for the Development of the Aerospace Industry" (referred to as the "Ten Aerospace Articles"), and signed contracts with 6 hydrogen energy and commercial aerospace companies.

  Today, the reporter learned from Daxing District of Beijing that in the past two years, Daxing District has actively developed strategic emerging industries such as hydrogen energy and commercial aerospace while expanding and strengthening its leading industries, and cultivated new kinetic energy and new highlights of the regional economy.

  On behalf of Daxing District, Cai Xiaojun, deputy head of Daxing District, Beijing released hydrogen energy and commercial aerospace policies.

"Hydrogen Ten Articles 2.0" has been optimized and upgraded on the basis of the original policy, focusing on industrial agglomeration, upstream and downstream coordination of key components, vehicle promotion and application, and scene construction, etc., continue to increase support, and fully cover the national fuel cell vehicle demonstration city group. Demonstration period.

The "Ten Articles of Aerospace" mainly support related enterprises and private non-enterprise units in the commercial aerospace field, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

The formulation of the policy highlights the dominant industrial entities, covers the key links of the industry, and forms 10 policy measures of "point-to-face, point-to-face integration".

  The maximum amount of support for both policies is 20 million yuan.

Cai Xiaojun said that hydrogen energy and commercial aerospace industry are emerging industries that Daxing will focus on in the future, and the policy environment is the most solid and powerful guarantee for promoting industrial development. Daxing District will closely combine regional development advantages, continue to release policy dividends, and strive to build a strong industrial area.

  In the signing session, Liu Xueliang, deputy secretary of the Beijing Daxing District Committee and head of the district, served as the signing representative with 6 companies including Meijin Energy, Aerospace, and Hydrogen Energy Consortium (Shenwei Lionstar, Dalian Xinyuan Power, and Foshan Qingji Energy). The project was successfully signed.

  According to reports, this signing is a landmark activity for Daxing District to promote the construction of the "two districts" to a new level in 2022. The signed projects are highly representative in the fields of hydrogen energy and commercial aerospace, and will complement and strengthen Daxing District. It plays an important role in improving the industrial chain, improving the industrial development ecosystem, promoting the high-speed and leap-forward development of the region, and creating a new highland for development and a new economic growth pole in the south of the capital.

  In the discussion and exchange session, 12 companies participating in the meeting made speeches respectively.

Wang Youguo, Secretary of the Beijing Daxing District Committee, said that Daxing District is currently in a period of rapid development. Investing in Daxing is investing in the future. More high-quality enterprises are welcome to choose Daxing, and drive the upstream and downstream industrial chains to invest in Daxing and seek common development.

He emphasized that Daxing District will adhere to its original aspiration and continue to be a good "shop second". While providing high-quality services throughout the life cycle for enterprises, they will also continue to provide nanny-style and professional services for enterprises after they are implemented, so as to ensure that enterprises can enjoy peace of mind in Daxing. Rest assured, comfortable operation and development.

In terms of policy formulation, Daxing District will also show full sincerity to continuously optimize and introduce industrial policies.

Daxing District will carefully study all aspects of the policy demands of enterprises, continue to provide policy services, and help enterprises become bigger and stronger.