The government has decided to review a plan to give temporary two-homeowners the same tax benefits as one-person households.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance issued a press release today (11th) and said, "We will actively review a plan to grant the same benefits to one-generation, one-homeowners to temporary two-homeowners due to unavoidable reasons such as moving or inheritance."

However, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance added, "Giving a one-family housing benefit to temporary two-family homeowners is an amendment to the law, and additional legislative measures are required."

Previously, the government announced plans to lower the tax burden by applying the published price of 2021 when a first-generation householder pays the comprehensive real estate tax (special property tax) this year and introducing a deferred payment for the elderly.

If a temporary two-family homeowner receives the benefits of a one-family house, they will also be able to pay taxes according to the published price of last year.

This means that the holding tax burden will be frozen at the same level as it was a year ago.

In addition, one household, one homeowner receives various tax benefits.

In the case of a single householder, the general real estate tax deduction is KRW 1.1 billion based on the published price, which is higher than the general (600 million KRW) deduction.

In addition, a married couple can own a house under a joint name and receive a deduction of 1.2 billion won each, 600 million won each, or they can choose the more favorable method of paying the tax for the elderly and long-term possession.