China News Service, Beijing, April 10 (Reporter Wang Enbo) "The Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of a Large National Market" was released on the 10th.

Experts in Beijing believe that building a new pattern with a large market and promoting the transformation of the Chinese market from large to strong is the highlight of the current deepening reform, and China's market-oriented reform is an important piece of the puzzle.

  At present, the scale of China's domestic market ranks among the top in the world, but the problem of "big but not strong" is still prominent.

Dong Yu, executive vice president of the China Development Planning Institute of Tsinghua University, said bluntly that a large market does not naturally have a corresponding scale effect. The Chinese market system has long had outstanding problems such as inconsistent institutional rules, poor flow of factor resources, local protection and market segmentation. affect the functioning of the market.

  In recent years, China has issued a number of important documents on deepening market-oriented reforms, focusing not only on accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economic system to make overall arrangements, but also making major arrangements to further improve the market-based allocation system and mechanism for factors.

  This "Opinion" clearly proposes to "accelerate the construction of a large national unified market that is efficient, standardized, fair competition, and fully open", and makes comprehensive arrangements for the construction of a large national unified market on a larger scale and a deeper level, which is considered to have officially formed a new era. The "combination punch" of market-oriented reform.

  "The key to building a new development pattern lies in the unimpeded economic cycle." According to Wang Yiming, vice chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center, accelerating the construction of a unified national market, opening up key blocking points that restrict the economic cycle, breaking local protection and market segmentation, Only by promoting the smooth flow of commodity factor resources on a larger scale and continuously enhancing China's market advantages can we effectively attract global high-end factors and market resources, better connect domestic and international markets, and provide strong support for the construction of a new dual-cycle development pattern.

  How to build a unified national market?

In terms of specific operation principles, "standing and breaking simultaneously" has become the key word.

  "Li", focusing on the establishment of regulations and systems.

For example, starting from the underlying rules for the healthy operation of the market, the "Opinions" put forward the basic system of "four unifications" of property rights protection, market access, fair competition, and social credit.

  "Only if the rules are consistent, policies and implementation can truly be unified and coordinated." Dong Yu believes that the property rights system is the foundation of the market, and it is necessary to improve the system of equal protection of economic property rights of various ownerships in accordance with the law; the access principle is the balance of the market and must be strictly implemented "One national list" management model; fair competition is the basic game law of the market, and all market entities must be treated equally and equally; credit is the soil for market growth, and a full-coverage credit information network must be formed.

The "four unifications" direction fully reflects the respect for the general laws of the market economy.

  Promoting fair and unified market supervision is also an important way to break down local protection and regional barriers and build a unified national market.

Expressions such as "strengthening the standardization and construction of market supervision" and "unifying law enforcement standards and procedures, regulating law enforcement behavior, and reducing discretionary power" were written into the "Opinions".

For new business forms and new models, the official stressed the need to "attach equal importance to adherence to regulatory norms and promotion of development, and fill in the vacancies in regulations and standards in a timely manner."

  Dong Yu believes that this move will enhance the scientific, effective and precise supervision, and realize the simultaneous improvement of supervision ability and supervision effect.

And when the supervision is more scientific, it will also enhance the stability and predictability of the market.

  In terms of "breaking", the "Opinions" highlighted "further regulating improper market competition and market intervention".

Among them, efforts should be made to strengthen anti-monopoly, investigate and deal with unfair competition in accordance with the law, break down local protection and regional barriers, and comprehensively clean up various preferential policies that discriminate against foreign-funded enterprises and non-local enterprises, targeting both market players and government departments. At the same time, more emphasis is placed on breaking down various hidden barriers.

  Wang Yiming said that with the rapid development and widespread penetration of new-generation information technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, various market barriers and barriers are being destroyed.

Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the regulation of monopoly and unfair competition in new business forms and new models such as the platform economy; positive effect.

  Dong Yu noted that the "Opinions" reminded all regions to "do not engage in a 'small but complete' self-circulation, let alone engage in regional blockades in the name of 'internal circulation'."

This means that all parties should take the initiative to clear various barriers, especially ideological barriers, and truly implement the new development concept into the construction of a unified large market.

  At present, the difficulties and challenges faced by China's economic work are increasing.

Experts emphasized that for the prominent contradictions and problems faced by the reform, we must resolutely break the ones that should be broken.

Only in this way, can we escort the stability of the overall situation with the reform and breaking of the situation at the point.