Is the new financial darling "Golden Doudou" reliable?

  Recently, "Golden Doudou has become a new favorite of young people's financial management" on the social platform hot search.

What is Golden Peas?

Why does it attract the attention of young people?

Is it a reliable financial product?

  It is understood that gold beans usually refer to gold weighing about 1 gram, and the general price is between 400 yuan and 600 yuan.

Compared with gold bars that are often dozens of grams or hundreds of grams, gold peas as light as 1 gram have a low purchase threshold and are metallic in jewelry, making them attractive to young people who want to invest in gold.

  Since the beginning of this year, the risk aversion in the market has increased due to the overlapping effects of multiple factors such as repeated epidemics and geopolitical conflicts.

Gold, a traditional high-quality hedging tool, is once again favored by investors. Driven by demand, the international gold price has also shown a volatile upward trend recently.

  The reporter saw on a leading e-commerce platform that many brand gold stores have launched Jindoudou products; in the investment gold praise list, Jindoudou beat many brands of gold bars to top the list; on a social sharing platform, similar to The comments on "It is better to save money than gold beans" and "it is better to buy gold beans than to buy funds" are also highly praised, which shows the popularity of gold beans.

  Zhao Xiangbin, chief strategist of BRICS Huitong, believes that there are three reasons for the sudden popularity of Golden Doudou: First, Golden Doudou investment is essentially a kind of physical gold, and you can own physical gold with a small amount of money; Gold bars, gold coins and other products whose appearance has remained unchanged for many years are different. Gold Doudou’s appearance is more malleable, which can better satisfy young people’s pursuit of trendy feelings; third, the investment threshold of gold Doudou is relatively low, compared with thousands of gold bars. The investment threshold of Jindoudou is only a few hundred yuan.

  It is worth mentioning that, in addition to gold peas, in recent years, many national trendy and ancient gold jewelry have become more and more popular among young people.

According to data from the World Gold Council, in 2021, the demand for gold jewelry in the Chinese market will reach 675 tons for the whole year, a year-on-year increase of 63%, which is 6% higher than that in 2019 before the epidemic.

  Wang Lixin, CEO of the World Gold Council in China, said that more and more young groups began to view gold consumption, including gold jewelry, with a financial mentality. For these consumers, out of trust in the long-term value of gold, they buy enough Gold products are a long-term investment and not just consumption.

  Is it reliable to buy gold peas for gold investment?

Industry insiders said that the investment logic of buying gold beans is the same as buying physical gold bars and coins, that is, using the price difference generated by gold price fluctuations to buy low and sell high to gain profits, but pay attention to whether the quality of gold beans is qualified and easy. Get started.

  "Investors invest in physical gold, first of all, they should choose regular merchants, such as brand gold and silver jewelry stores, commercial banks, etc., to prevent adulteration or lack of money, these places generally provide repurchase services, and it is more convenient to realize cash; Secondly, when buying physical gold, it is necessary to find out whether the merchant has processing fees, inspection fees, etc., and comprehensively consider the purchase cost; thirdly, it is necessary to ask whether the merchant has a repurchase service, and if so, the terms of the repurchase must be clear. For example, the bank sells The gold bars of gold will generally be recycled by gold stores, but they will charge more customer fees for reasons that are not their own brands, and increase the cost of investors' realization." Zhao Xiangbin suggested.

  In fact, with the development of my country's gold market, in addition to purchasing physical gold, investors at this stage can also participate in gold investment through gold ETF funds, accumulated gold, paper gold and other channels according to their own conditions.

For example, gold ETF funds are one of the ideal investment targets for long-term allocation of gold assets.

  "Compared with stocks and wealth management products, investing in gold has a more stable value preservation function. The popularity of gold peas reflects the increasing demand for wealth management among contemporary young groups. The process of saving gold peas is similar to fixed investment. Through long-term and stable investment, Eliminating the risk of gold price fluctuations will help young people shape mature investment concepts." Zhao Xiangbin pointed out.