High-quality construction of Beijing-Zhangzhou cultural and sports tourism belt

  The Winter Olympics ignited the enthusiasm of the Chinese people for ice and snow, and Beijing and Zhangjiakou showed their advantages in ice and snow tourism resources in hosting the Winter Olympics.

A new picture of the coordinated development of sports, culture and tourism between the two places is also slowly unfolding.

  Establish an international model for the use of Olympic venues after the game, build an international ice and snow sports and leisure tourism resort, and create a model for the integrated development of sports, culture and tourism... On January 30 this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the State Sports General Administration jointly issued the "Beijing" Zhang Sports Cultural Tourism Belt Construction Plan", draws a "battle map" for the construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt.

  Recently, the travel community Mafengwo released a sports tourism theme report "Go Sports, Go Travel!

”, the report shows that the Beijing-Zhangjiakou sports and cultural tourism belt has demonstrated a demonstration effect. The Beijing Shougang Park and the Yuruyi Stadium in Zhangjiakou, which were brought by the Winter Olympics, are the landmarks for young people to travel between the two places. When it comes to Beijing-Zhangjiakou tourism, intangible cultural heritage Culture, folk customs, and Great Wall culture are all areas that tourists hope to experience.

Unleash the brand effect and enjoy dividends

  As one of the three major competition areas of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, the Winter Olympics events on Haituo Mountain in Yanqing, Beijing have left people with infinite aftertastes.

The construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou sports and cultural tourism belt under Haituo Mountain is also being accelerated, and more than 50 key projects provide strong support for Yanqing to build a model for the integration of sports, culture and tourism.

  "Accelerating the construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt is very important for Yanqing," said Shen Jinzhen, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Yanqing Branch of the Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission, who witnessed the drafting process of the "Plan".

In his view, as the core area of ​​the ecological conservation area in northern Beijing, Yanqing's economic foundation is relatively weak compared with other areas in Beijing, especially the central urban area.

The construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt is not only a good opportunity for the transformation and development of Yanqing, but also of great significance to the realization of regional integration, the maintenance and operation of the Winter Olympics venues, and the continuation of the prosperity of the Winter Olympics. Olympic bonus.

  The rational planning and utilization of Olympic venues after the game is a recognized worldwide problem.

How to integrate the 25 Olympic venues, 21 public ski resorts and other Olympic heritage with sports, culture and tourism resources in the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt is an answer sheet that must be answered in the "Planning".

  During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform witnessed the "top moment" of Gu Ailing and Su Yiming.

In the post-Winter Olympics period, the Shougang Ski Jump will not be dismantled according to "international practice", but will serve as the world's first permanently reserved and used ski jump venue to meet multi-level needs.

  Liu Yuchuan, Assistant Director of the Grand Jumping Project Department of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd., said, "We fully consider the fashion and trend characteristics of extreme sports, target young customers, and create IP for extreme sports events. At the same time, it is linked with Shougang Extreme Park, which can be held in summer. BMX, skateboarding and other extreme competitions, and comprehensive performances such as outdoor concerts, light and shadow shows, and debut shows."

As an important part of the Winter Olympics cultural tourism, Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is planning to gradually develop related products, planning Olympic cultural exhibitions, etc., so that the venue can be integrated into the entertainment and cultural life of the public.

  "In the future, Shougang Park can not only undertake competitions, hold events and conferences, but also continue to occupy a place in industrial tourism and ice and snow tourism. It will also have more room for imagination under the blessing of technological elements and culture and art. It will continue to move towards the 'New Landmark in Western Beijing' and become a trendy and fun gathering place that young people love." said Feng Rao, President of Mafengwo Tourism Research Institute.

  The Winter Olympic venues in the Yanqing competition area also have a clear blueprint for post-competition development: the National Alpine Ski Center will be appropriately transformed into an alpine ski training base, a ski school, etc. , establish a multi-dimensional ski training and teaching system; the National Snowmobile and Sled Center will continue to be used as a competition venue to undertake and hold various high-level related events, and at the same time provide a professional training venue for the national team.

At present, the hosting of events such as the Alpine Skiing World Cup is being actively promoted, and these world-class events are expected to be held in "Xuefeiyan" and "Xueyoulong".

  "The construction of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt is conducive to promoting the sustainable use of Olympic venues after the competition, combining the holding of major events with national fitness." Shen Jinzhen revealed that the Olympic Park will continue to play a role as a sports heritage, and the construction will focus on skiing , an international ski resort with the functions of mountain sports, outdoor sports, wellness vacation, entertainment and leisure.

Package development to promote global tourism

  Beijing and Zhangzhou have unique natural ecological advantages and the foundation of global tourism laid by years of development.

Before and after the Qingming Festival, the Badaling Great Wall, the ancient Great Wall, and the peach blossoms and apricot blossoms around the Shuiguan Great Wall in Yanqing District opened one after another.

After viewing the flowers, stroll around the Badaling commercial district, taste local specialties, and then go to the Great Wall of China Museum and Zhan Tianyou Memorial Hall to learn about the culture of the Great Wall, and stay at the Great Wall Renjia boutique B&B, which has become the mainstream choice for many tourists.

In the list of the first batch of national-level ski tourism resorts released a few days ago, Beijing Yanqing Haituo ski tourism resort ranks first on the list.

  "The Jing-Zhang area has a very deep cultural and historical heritage. There are 6 world cultural heritages, 136 national key cultural relics protection units, 61 representative projects of national intangible cultural heritage, etc. The Jing-Zhang Sports Cultural Tourism Belt digs deeper into Beijing. And Zhangjiakou's historical and cultural accumulation, from a more innovative perspective, to provide sustainable travel and play methods that attract more young people." Feng Rao said.

  "The spring color of the Great Wall where flowers and shadows complement the majestic Great Wall, the Wild Duck Lake Wetland Park at the Beigui migratory bird transfer station, the Shiyuan Park at the International Garden Festival, the Peony Garden in Jiuxian County with the national color of peony, and the Baili Landscape Gallery where the landscape is self-contained. , the World Grape Expo Park with the theme of parent-child research, and the Winter Olympic Park that will be opened on May 1st, these are our carefully selected check-in points for outing and enjoying flowers.” said Hong Wei, Director of the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yanqing District, Beijing. This year's Yanqing Outing and Flower Appreciation Season has launched more than 100 spring products in 6 sections, including brand activities, flower viewing places, special experience activities, accommodation in Yanqing, benefiting the people and promoting consumption, and boutique routes, and planning and launching 8 boutique flower routes for tourists. .

  "The Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt provides more leisure and entertainment options for winter in North China, the traditional tourism off-season in the north. The new tourism in the new era, in the development process of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt, It will be more fully reflected." Feng Rao said.

  In Shen Jinzhen's view, to achieve the goal of "promoting the development of global tourism" proposed in the "Planning", the key is to organically combine sports, culture, tourism, catering, and even infrastructure and other elements for "packaged" development.

It is necessary to coordinate and integrate resources in ecology, exhibition, business, technology and other aspects through the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt to form a joint force.

"In the future, Yanqing will plan to renovate and upgrade the infrastructure of scenic spots such as Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort, Badaling Ski Resort, Songshan, Yudu Mountain, Guyaju, Longqing Gorge, World Portuguese Garden, and improve the level of service facilities such as transportation and accommodation. , and comprehensively improve the level of global tourism service facilities." Shen Jinzhen said.

  "In the era of 'Internet +', global tourism should be led by Internet and digitalization." Zhai Yanwei, manager of Beijing Badaling Smart Tourism Co., Ltd., said that this year Badaling Culture and Tourism Group summarized the development orientation of the tourism industry in one word - "NICE" (No ticket, Immersion, Culture, Electronic), that is, de-ticketing, immersive experience, cultural innovation, and technology empowerment.

In addition, "Inside the Great Wall · i Tour Yanqing", as an e-commerce platform for all-for-one tourism destinations jointly created by Yanqing District Culture and Tourism Bureau and Badaling Culture and Tourism Group, is committed to creating a destination for tourists in different places. Good stewardship of life.

Cultivate more new formats

  It is worth noting that in addition to actively guiding ice and snow sports, the "Planning" also encourages the development of outdoor projects represented by cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, paragliding, car off-road, and camping.

It is foreseeable that the promotion of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou sports culture tourism belt will bring more creative, characteristic and immersive new scenarios of consumption experience to Beijing and Zhangzhou, and sports tourism will become the development of the tourism market in the Beijing-Zhangjiakou area. New gripper.

  Mafengwo's big data shows that in 2021, sports tourism in Beijing and Zhangzhou will be very popular, sports-related tourism content in Beijing will increase by 145% year-on-year, and sports-related tourism content in Zhangjiakou will increase by 600% year-on-year.

  "In the post-epidemic era, we found that the travel needs of young tourists have changed a lot. Everyone pays special attention to in-depth experience and is keen to carry out short-distance tours such as weekend tours or surrounding tours." Feng Rao said that based on such real and profound changes , Driven by the "Winter Olympic effect", Beijing and Zhangzhou will have in-depth development in sports tourism, cultural experience and other aspects.

  "Jingzhang area has unique natural and human resources. Backed by Beijing and other surrounding tourism markets with huge consumption potential, it creates a broad space for the development of leisure vacation and parent-child travel market in Jingzhang area. In addition to hot springs and skiing, two popular themes , the popular camping, self-driving, hiking, and even water play projects can be satisfied here." Feng Rao said.

  For example, after the epidemic, Haituo Valley has become one of the most popular attractions around Beijing with the help of RVs and camping.

Zhangbei Prairie Road is the best choice for summer escape and self-driving travel in North China.

"Zhangbei Prairie Music Festival" and "Beijing Strawberry Music Festival" are also popular experiences that young people want to participate in every year.

  The transformation of new scenarios brings more infinite possibilities.

"There is no doubt that Yanqing will further explore the integrated development model of sports, culture, tourism and key characteristic industries in the region. Taking the sports, culture and tourism industry as the main line, and focusing on the key industries of Yanqing's 14th Five-Year Plan, a number of industries will be cultivated. Deep integration, mutual embedding of chains, green, low-carbon and sustainable formats and carriers." Shen Jinzhen said.

  For example, with the Zhongguancun Yanqing Park as a platform, we can study the integration path of new technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain with the sports industry, focusing on the development of high-end sports equipment, smart venue services, sports medicine, smart services, E-sports, big data research, scientific training and other new formats; solicit market demand for new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection in the field of collective cultural tourism, and can focus on the development of new energy tour buses, hydrogen energy tourism public transportation, environmentally friendly sports venues, industrial research tourism, etc. Format: Grasp the development trend of "UAV+" cross-border integration, explore the application of UAV technology in the field of sports, culture and tourism, and focus on cultivating scenic spot monitoring and control, tourism rescue, UAV competition, technology experience, horticultural plant protection etc. business.

  "In the long run, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Belt is conducive to creating a new business card for the integrated development of sports, culture and tourism, cultivating new drivers of regional economic and social development and pillar industries with distinctive advantages; More achievements have been made in the fields of , public services, etc.; it is conducive to the transformation of 'lucid waters and lush mountains', 'ice and snow' to 'golden mountains and silver mountains' in the overall promotion of ecological environmental protection, rural revitalization, urbanization construction, and industrial transformation and upgrading. Path." Shen Jinzhen said.

(Economic Daily reporter Han Bingzhi)