Zhongxin Finance, April 8th. According to the monitoring of the National Development and Reform Commission, the recent pig-grain price ratio has continued to be lower than 5:1, which is in the excessive decline determined by the "Improving the Government's Pork Reserve Adjustment Mechanism and Doing a Good Job in the Pork Market to Ensure Supply and Stable Prices". level warning range.

The National Development and Reform Commission and relevant parties will carry out the fourth batch of central frozen pork reserves this year, and it is planned to acquire and store another 40,000 tons of frozen pork in the near future.

If the price of live pigs continues to run at a low level in the future, the state will continue to carry out the purchase and storage work, and guide the local governments to speed up the purchase and storage, and promote the price of live pigs to return to a reasonable range as soon as possible.

  Relevant analysis believes that the recent domestic production of live pigs has been stable with some decline, and is generally reasonable. The price has been operating at a low level for a long time, and the possibility of further sharp decline is small.

It is suggested that farms (households) make reasonable arrangements for production and operation decisions, and maintain the normal slaughter rhythm of fattening pigs and stable production capacity of reproductive sows.