As economic sanctions on Russia increase, Komatsu, a major construction machinery company, has announced that it has stopped production at its factory in Russia.

Komatsu produces hydraulic excavators and dump trucks at its Yaroslavl plant in western Russia.

Komatsu has already postponed the shipment of products to Russia, but announced on the 8th that production at the local factory has also stopped.

The company says the reason is that the supply chain is disrupted over Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, and economic sanctions on Russia continue to make financial and economic uncertainties.

A construction machinery manufacturer has indicated that Hitachi Construction Machinery will stop production at its factory in Russia as soon as it finishes production of the products it has already received due to the disruption of logistics.

Among automakers, Toyota and Nissan have stopped local production, and many manufacturers have stopped exporting finished cars to Russia, and there is a movement among manufacturing companies to forgo business in Russia. It is even more widespread.