Since late March in Shanghai, the bustling financial center on weekdays has pressed the pause button due to the spread of the epidemic. Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control is facing the most severe challenge since normalization.

Whether it is medical staff and community workers fighting on the front line of the fight against the epidemic, or affected businesses and citizens with inconvenient lives, all kinds of support are urgently needed.

At the moment when the whole city is fighting against the epidemic, all sectors of society have taken actions one after another, extending a helping hand to the best of their ability and defending "Shanghai" to fight the epidemic.

  HSBC Bank (China) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Lujiazui, Shanghai, is also actively involved in the fight against the epidemic.

President and CEO Wang Yunfeng said: "HSBC originated in Shanghai, and it is our bounden duty to work with the people of Shanghai to fight the epidemic together."

  In order to help Shanghai fight the epidemic, HSBC China, while ensuring the stability and continuity of financial services and providing inclusive financial support for small and micro enterprises, joined hands with its sister institutions in Shanghai to donate epidemic prevention and living materials to front-line anti-epidemic personnel, as well as support for those living in the lockdown period. Community management provides support and contributes to the fight against the epidemic.

Support the front-line anti-epidemic and protect the safety of the community

  After the lockdown was implemented in Shanghai due to the epidemic, the provision of necessary epidemic prevention and living materials to medical staff, community workers and special-needs groups in the lockdown area has become a key link.

  After learning about the relevant situation, HSBC China immediately joined the group's major institutions in Shanghai, including banks, insurance, funds, and financial technology to donate 2 million yuan, and immediately contacted corporate customers who could provide the required materials and invested in the purchase. Protective clothing, gloves, isolation clothing and other anti-epidemic materials, as well as convenience food, beverages and other living materials.

Together with the Shanghai Lianquan Foundation, HSBC will deliver the supplies to these community workers, medical staff and groups with special needs in a timely manner.

  In addition, in order to help the community transmit information more effectively during the lockdown period and help community residents maintain a good attitude, HSBC China also joined hands with the Enpai Foundation to jointly launch the "Shouhu Community Gas Station - Community War Epidemic Support Plan".

Recruit "Community KOLs" from community non-profit organizations, organizations and volunteers, work closely with local neighborhood committees, and provide community residents with the latest epidemic prevention and control information, community material supply, Information such as psychological companionship and counseling will help them pass through the special period of home isolation smoothly, and provide psychological "protective clothing" for defeating the epidemic.

Establish an Inclusive Fund to Support Small and Micro Enterprises

  The repeated outbreak of the epidemic is like a sudden storm, causing many small and micro enterprises to encounter unprecedented challenges.

In order to help these enterprises to tide over the difficulties, HSBC China is the first among foreign banks to launch a special financial support plan for small and micro enterprises, providing precise financing support for small and micro enterprises through measures such as green channels for credit approval and preferential financing prices. , to help small and micro enterprises cope with the challenges of the epidemic and achieve steady growth.

  Under this special credit fund with a total amount of RMB 1 billion, HSBC China will increase credit issuance to small and micro enterprises through cooperation with guarantee institutions, smart supply chain financing and other financing methods to meet the financing needs of enterprises.

In terms of loan interest rates, HSBC will provide preferential financing prices for small and micro enterprise customers to effectively reduce the cost of capital for enterprises.

  HSBC will also quickly conduct loan approval through the green channel, simplify the review process, and complete the approval within 5 working days at the fastest.

In addition, in the context of increasing volatility in the foreign exchange market this year, HSBC China has also launched a green channel for foreign exchange credit to help small and micro enterprises avoid exchange rate fluctuation risks in a timely manner.

Maintain smooth operation to serve customer needs

  Under the lockdown and control environment, HSBC China took multiple measures to respond to customer needs in a timely manner to ensure the continued stability of bank operations and services.

  As a major market maker for foreign exchange and bond business in China's inter-bank market and a primary dealer in open market business, HSBC has made timely and adequate preparations in terms of personnel arrangements, trading facilities and customer services to support the smooth operation of the financial market under the epidemic .

  At the beginning of the epidemic, the capital market department, a key department involved in financial market transactions, adopted "on-site + remote" personnel deployment to ensure smooth transactions.

On the evening of March 27, after the release of a new round of prevention and control measures in Shanghai, the Capital Markets Department quickly completed the deployment of stationed personnel to the headquarters building within two hours.

Several traders "set up camp" in the office to ensure that the trading room provides customers with uninterrupted trading services 24 hours a day, actively fulfills the responsibilities of market makers, and provides liquidity to the market.

  It is also crucial to ensure the financial needs of small and medium-sized enterprises during the epidemic, especially in the field of people's livelihood.

As a Shanghai express company needs to provide fast payment collection for its many small and medium-sized logistics service providers, it hopes that the bank can cooperate and support it in a short time.

However, due to the control of the epidemic, customers and bank employees are working from home, which hinders the transmission of documents.

HSBC special affairs, arrange loan in the shortest time and provide fast support.

Do a good job in protecting employees and help each other

  Epidemic control is a real test of the resilience of banks' operations and services.

With the rapid launch of various emergency measures, the staff of HSBC China united as one to overcome difficulties, and in their respective positions, do their best to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the bank and the continuous and stable customer service.

  In order to actively cooperate with the community's epidemic prevention measures and minimize the flow of people, HSBC efficiently completed the expansion of its IT network to ensure that Shanghai employees have the ability to work remotely from home.

At the same time, the bank's management has also actively used various channels to provide living guarantees and material and psychological support for Shanghai employees who have experienced working from home and closed communities for a long time.

  To this end, HSBC China has specially set up an employee emergency assistance platform to receive feedback from employees and provide assistance as much as possible.

In addition, the 24-hour hotline and WeChat platform also provide professional psychological assistance support for employees in need, and provide online medical support such as rapid consultation, rapid drug delivery, video/telephone doctor through third-party agencies for employees while at home.