Zhongxin Finance, April 8th. On the afternoon of April 8th, the Office of the Carbon Neutrality Leading Group of Carbon Peak held a teleconference to report the issues related to carbon market data fraud, and to strictly crack down on carbon emission data fraud and promote the health of the carbon market. Orderly development work.

  The meeting pointed out that the carbon market is an important market-oriented mechanism for promoting the "dual carbon" work, carbon emission data is the basis for trading, and data quality is the lifeline of the carbon market.

Data falsification by individual intermediary service agencies has damaged market fairness, disrupted market order, affected market confidence, seriously jeopardized the healthy development of the carbon market, and seriously affected the orderly progress of the "double carbon" work. The impact is extremely bad and must be severely punished blow.

  The meeting emphasized that relevant departments in all regions should attach great importance to the issue of carbon emission data fraud, adhere to the problem orientation, adhere to "zero tolerance", take strong measures, strictly investigate and punish fraudulent behavior, form a strong deterrent, and resolutely prevent the recurrence of data fraud. .

It is necessary to strengthen inspection and supervision, effectively promote the rectification of problems, seriously investigate the responsibilities of relevant units and personnel, carry out self-examination and self-correction by drawing inferences from other facts, and conduct special inspections to "look back" in due course.

It is necessary to take the implementation of rectification as an opportunity to establish a problem discovery mechanism, improve daily supervision, strengthen accountability, and consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, so as to promote the healthy development of my country's carbon market and its stable and long-term development.