• After "a good surprise" in 2021, Loire-Atlantique is expecting a very positive summer season.

  • The department relies on its “local clientele”, which it manages to retain even more.

Frédéric Mary is smiling.

A month after opening his 13-bed cottage in Nort-sur-Erdre north of Nantes, reservations are already there.

“It's complete for this summer and 80% full until the end of the year, calculates the owner.

The clientele is varied, with many families who want to get together for a weekend or a holiday.

Three months before the summer holidays, and after the health crisis that has turned the sector upside down, it is optimism that seems to dominate among these tourism professionals.

So much so that the Gîtes de France association in Loire-Atlantique even expects "a better year than 2019", with "people who project themselves" and "a younger clientele".

The signals also seem to be green everywhere in the department.

“In 2021, we had a good surprise, we want to transform the test, indicates this Wednesday Agnès Broquet, sustainable tourism director of Loire-Atlantique development.

The year 2022 promises to be very positive, with reassuring booking trends, even if it is still difficult for people to anticipate, in a complicated international context.

In campsites, we expect a return to normal, with a real return of English customers.

School trips and groups are also leaving, which bodes well for July and August after a still timid start to the year.


“A resilient destination”

With the rise in energy prices, a boom in green and sustainable tourism, or even the difficulties of obtaining identity papers, Agnès Broquet foresees “a new French summer”.

And Loire-Atlantique intends once again to do well. First, because foreign customers historically represent only 15% of visitors.

But also because the others, mainly Ile-de-France, Loire or Breton residents, find here "a diversity of offer and easy access", between hikes in the vineyard, cycle routes, nautical activities, urban tourism and of course the beautiful coastal beaches.

“We have been a resilient destination, observes Agnès Broquet.

The development of this local tourism offer should make it possible to retain our customers even more.



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