It is the "Golden Three Silver Four" recruitment season, and Internet "big factories" have become the sweet pastry in the eyes of many job seekers.

Our reporter's investigation found that a group of "job-seeking private education" came into being.

They aim at the anxiety of job seekers, teach classes on major short video platforms, and put out attractive advertisements: "Zero Experience Change Cheats", "Leading Xiaobai to Counterattack the Big Factory", "One-to-One Interview and Salary Counseling"...

  However, after job seekers paid a lot of tuition fees, many private teachers "showed their original shape".

Many job seekers found that the content of the course was "unreliable" and "unusable", and the agreed projects such as introductory and practical exercises were not fulfilled.

  "Personal education for job hunting", what exactly does a course that costs thousands of yuan teach?

Can it really help job seekers enter the "big factory"?

  "'Dachang' pass, waiting for you to pick it up"

  At 10 p.m., a Douyin live broadcast of "job-seeking private education" reached its climax.

After sharing a few interview tips and listing the successful cases he had coached, the anchor changed the subject and sold a course package worth 1988 yuan: "One-stop service for job search planning, resume packaging, and mock interviews, the original price is 2988 yuan. , the discount is only for 3 days, the 'Dachang' pass is waiting for you!"

  The live broadcast continued until the early hours of the morning, and the sales of the course continued to rise.

The questions in the comment area are constantly refreshed. The questioners include fresh graduates with the "big factory dream", incumbents seeking to change careers, and job seekers who are anxious while waiting for a job. They face very different situations, but they all seem to be caught in the live broadcast room. Live a "life-saving straw".

  The live broadcast was coming to an end. Facing several fans who repeatedly asked about the details of the course, the anchor couldn't resist it, and instead began to sell anxiety: "This is the last train for the Spring Recruitment. If you don't learn it, it's really hopeless!"

  Judging from the introduction on the homepage of "job-seeking private education", most of them have worked in "big factories", and their backgrounds can be roughly divided into two categories. One, they have served as senior HR (human resource management), claiming to have interviewed hundreds of thousands of people. Candidates are well versed in the recruitment preferences of "big factories"; second, they have led teams in non-technical departments such as products and operations, and have handled the so-called "tens of millions of large projects", and understand the career curve of "big factories".

  The reporter's investigation found that some of these private teachings have only a few thousand followers, and some have hundreds of thousands of fans.

Their drainage paths are very similar: they regularly publish short videos to throw out job-hunting difficulties, guide students to join the Douyin group after a brief explanation, answer further questions in the weekly regular live broadcast, and then channel fans to the WeChat group, one-on-one for Its "pointing the maze".

However, if you want to continue your studies, you have to buy courses ranging from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

  "'job-seeking private education' is derived from the traditional career planner. The original positioning of the industry is to help young people establish their career intentions and improve their ability to choose a career. Nowadays, with the help of short videos, many practitioners have turned to online battles. ." Wang Ting, director of the Human Resource Development and Management Research Center of the Business School of China University of Political Science and Law, believes that in recent years, more and more job seekers have favored Internet "big factories", but the demand for talents from "big factories" is decreasing, and the labor market The contradiction between supply and demand has caused fierce competition, and also added a fire to the "job-seeking private education" market.

 "Tuition has been paid, but acceptance notice has not arrived"

  "The teaching is very superficial, and the application is not useful at all." After a series of setbacks in recruiting last autumn, the freshman Chen Mai spent 6,800 yuan to buy private education services.

Although the other party claimed to have helped nearly 100 people realize their dreams of being a "big factory", Chen Mai felt that he had been tricked.

  "The private tutor first sent me a recorded and broadcast class for me to learn by myself. It was a dismantling of interview skills, such as the old-fashioned 'star (situation, task, action, result)' rule. I searched everywhere on the Internet, and there was no such thing as a Case analysis, project planning and other practical aspects." Chen Mai said.

  It was followed by one-on-one tutoring from "Dachang Tutors", but the tutors assigned by private tutors were not only time-consuming, but also vague when answering questions.

Later, Chen Mai accidentally learned that the other party was engaged in administrative work, which was far from the product position he applied for.

  A student who also asked for help from a private teacher told reporters that the coach promised to push in after the class, but he waited for a month without any news, and was blocked by him after repeated inquiries.

"What made me even more angry was that I was looking for a job across the border, and the private trainer insisted on helping me optimize my resume and add some relevant work experience. I felt it was inappropriate at the time, and I was exposed on the spot during the interview." He said.

  "'Dachang' is very strict, and once a fake resume is discovered, it will be blacklisted." HR Jiang Ping, who serves a leading Internet company, believes that the words taught by private teachers are the same, and experienced interviewers can easily see through them. , if the resume cannot stand scrutiny, it will be revealed in the detailed deduction link.

Even if you are lucky enough to get the acceptance notice in the end, it will be difficult to pass the probationary period.

  Jiang Ping also revealed that there are colleagues around him who are looking for business opportunities, either part-time as a private teacher, or working with private teachers to make money.

Before packaging others, many people will self-package. For example, the newly recruited boasted "3 years of work experience", and some also created "counter-attack" characters such as "shuangfei can also enter big factories", "Most Job seekers won’t go deep, and they can bluff newcomers by showing their badges.”

  Wang Ting analyzed that many "job-seeking private tutors" lack systematic research on industries and positions, and it is difficult to provide targeted services that match tuition fees. They just use the eagerness of job-seekers to make profits from it, and there are commercial frauds. suspected.

Acts such as making up words and adding water to resumes will not only leave a stain on the integrity of job seekers, but also increase the cost of talent selection for enterprises, and also ruin the reputation of career planners.

 There is no shortcut to job hunting, you need to be cautious when applying for classes

  According to industry insiders, the "job-seeking private education" industry is a mixed bag, with many problems such as blurred thresholds, chaotic fees, and uneven service quality.

  It is understood that if you want to become a professional career planner, you usually need to obtain corresponding certifications such as career planners, Gallup strengths coaches, etc., supplemented by a lot of practice.

Learning and research generally take 3 to 4 years, and about 100,000 yuan should be invested.

At the same time, the form of online training belongs to the "production, dissemination and circulation of cultural products through the Internet", and it is required to apply for qualifications such as the "Network Culture Business License" and the "Information Network Communication Audiovisual Program License".

  Qiao Ning, a human resources expert, said that at present, there are very few private teachers on the market who "hold a certificate to teach", and basically "make money after packaging."

She suggested that government departments and industry associations should take action to correct deviations in a timely manner, issue service and charging standards as soon as possible, and conduct approval or record-keeping management for relevant institutions to lead the healthy development of the industry.

  Qiao Ning said that if practitioners want to go steadily and far, they still need to stick to the bottom line, teach students according to their aptitude, and help job seekers "make the best use of their talents."

Guide job seekers to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, establish correct professional values, and formulate effective promotion plans for them, rather than leading them astray at the beginning of their careers.

  "There is no shortcut to job hunting. No matter whether it is job-hopping or transformation, you can't completely pin your hopes on job-seeking private education." Jiang Ping believes that personal qualities and abilities need long-term accumulation, which cannot be shaped by cramming training.

In the interview, individualized experience and thinking can impress the interviewer more, but using too many skills will reduce the points.

What job seekers need to do is to cultivate internal skills, treat career choices rationally, and learn about their favorite companies from formal channels, rather than blindly trusting the so-called job-seeking private education.

  "This kind of intermediary behavior that disrupts the labor market should arouse the vigilance of employers." Wang Ting said that on the one hand, we should further increase the intensity of backtracking, improve the accuracy of talent identification, and explore the establishment of an industry-sharing blacklist system for dishonesty. The living space of private education; on the other hand, the selection and employment of personnel cannot be labelled or singled out. Not only should we consider the degree of match between people and positions in terms of skills, but also focus on examining non-cognitive skills such as sense of responsibility and ability to withstand pressure, and comprehensively research and evaluate. Job seeker's development potential.