Will the launch of Moutai's self-built APP impact wine prices and traditional channels?

  Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Ting Liu Jianing

  Whose APP can overwhelm all social office software and rush to the top of the Apple App Store free APP list?

What kind of subscription activities have a very low success rate, but can attract more than 2 million people to "run with them"?

Recently, an APP called "i Maotai" gave the answer: it has to be Kweichow Moutai.

"i Moutai" is a digital marketing APP created by Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd., which was launched for trial operation on March 31.

On the first day of the launch, taking Kweichow Moutai for the Year of the Tiger zodiac wine as an example, the sales volume of some stores in Guangzhou is in the single digits, but the number of purchasers ranges from 6,000 to 9,000; while for Foshan, where there are only two stores, the sales volume per store is in the single digits. For 4 bottles, the number of subscriptions exceeded 50,000.

  In this regard, the user's focus of attention is different.

Liang Ruian, a well-known private equity firm in Shanghai, complained on the Weibo platform: "The number of subscriptions is pitifully small, so it's better not to do it! There is also a little more for the show." Some netizens also bluntly said: "There is no 53-degree flying Maotai, let's do this stuff. What?"

  The success rate of stores in different regions varies

  On March 28, Kweichow Moutai announced that "i Moutai" would be put into trial operation on March 31.

The next day, "i Moutai" became the number one free app in Apple's App Store, with an estimated 433,200 downloads on March 28 alone.

  In the trial operation stage, "i Moutai" has a total of 4 products open for subscription and subscription, namely 53 degrees 500ml Kweichow Moutai (Renyin Tiger Year), 53 degrees 500ml Moutai 1935, 53 degrees 375ml*2 Kweichow Moutai (Renyin Tiger Year) Year of the Tiger), 53 degrees 500ml Kweichow Moutai treasures.

However, "i Moutai" currently does not directly sell 500ml Feitian Moutai liquor, but integrates access to 12 third-party e-commerce platforms to provide consumers with panic buying information for Feitian Moutai liquor.

  It is reported that after the download and registration "i Moutai" has passed the real-name authentication, consumers can apply for the purchase of Moutai liquor, and the reservation application period is from 9:00 to 10:00 every day.

Yangcheng Evening News reporters operating the purchase process found that users need to select a specific store to purchase, and each real-name authentication account can only purchase once per item per variety.

  It is worth noting that the success rate of appointments in different regional stores is not consistent.

On March 31, taking the Year of the Tiger zodiac wine as an example, the purchase success rate in the whole country was about 1/250; most of the stores in Shenzhen put 15 bottles, and the purchase success rate was lower than 1/600; the sales volume of some stores in Guangzhou was Single digits, the subscription success rate is no more than 1/1000; Foshan has fewer stores, and the subscription success rate is even lower than 1 in 10,000.

Some netizens found that the number of subscriptions in some regions such as Xinjiang and Heilongjiang is relatively small.

  "Cattle" development software snapped up

  On March 31st, a staff member of a Maotai store in Guangzhou, which is an offline pickup point, told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter that several products had been delivered to the store a few days before the event, and were used for this reservation and subscription event.

However, it declined to comment on whether online purchases will impact Maotai's product prices and offline business.

  According to media reports, a trader in Guangdong who has invested in Moutai for a long time introduced that many “scalpers” have set their sights on the zodiac wine for the Year of the Tiger on “i Moutai”, and have collected a batch of ID cards for real-name registration, which can be registered through a specially developed The software realizes one-click snapping.

After the successful subscription of the Year of the Tiger zodiac wine, you only need to pay 2,499 yuan, while the terminal market price is about 3,900 yuan, and you can earn thousands of yuan if you change hands.

  Although there are not many types of "i Maotai" currently open for subscription, it still caused a lot of waves.

On March 28, the day when “i Moutai” was announced, the opening share price of Kweichow Moutai fell by more than 5%.

The price of Moutai also continued to fall before March 28. Kweichow Moutai responded to investors' questions on the interactive platform, saying that the recent fluctuations in the market price of Moutai are only changes in the terminal retail price, and the current ex-factory price has not changed.

After "i Moutai" announced that it would not sell Feitian Moutai directly, the spot price of Moutai has rebounded.

  According to the official data released by Moutai, more than 2.29 million people and 6.22 million people participated in the first day of "i Moutai" trial operation; a total of 879 offline stores provided subscription subscription services.

  When will Feitian Moutai go online and become the focus?

  Whether "i Moutai" will launch 500ml Feitian Moutai has become the focus of the industry.

  Huachuang Securities Research Report pointed out that the first step of "i Moutai" is to start trial operation with treasures, zodiac wine and Moutai 1935 at the end of March, and the second step is to officially run on May 18. It is expected that some distributors will also have Pu Mao quotas online.

Guotai Junan said in the research report that it is expected that in the follow-up plan, 20%-30% of the distributor's Feitian quota will be sold through e-commerce platforms.

  In this regard, Xiao Zhuqing, a liquor marketing expert, believes that in the short term, "i Moutai" will mainly sell some non-standard products.

Feitian Moutai will not be launched until Moutai's marketing system is further straightened out.

"At present, the sales volume of liquor on major e-commerce platforms only accounts for 5% of the entire liquor market, but its price has a demonstration effect on the entire market and will hurt the price system of traditional channels." Xiao Zhuqing said that Feitian Moutai is currently out of the factory. The price is 969 yuan, and the guide price is 1499 yuan. If the terminal is sold at the guide price, the gross profit of the entire channel is less than 50%, the sales force of the channel will be lost, and the channel of Maotai may collapse.

The management of Kweichow Moutai will be more stable in promoting the reform of the marketing system, taking into account the interests and demands of all parties.

  In fact, this is not the first time that Kweichow Moutai has tried to build its own e-commerce platform.

As early as 2014, it invested 100 million yuan to establish Maotai E-commerce Company; in September 2017, Maotai E-commerce Company launched the "Moutai Cloud Merchant" platform.

However, at the end of 2019, Kweichow Moutai decided to dissolve Moutai e-commerce company, and its self-operated e-commerce business was stranded.

In September last year, Ding Xiongjun, chairman of Kweichow Moutai, said that it is necessary to promote the reform of the company's marketing price system and explore the development of new retail channels.

  Xiao Zhuqing analyzed that the focus of Moutai's launch of the new e-commerce platform this time is to lay out the new retail sector, aiming to make up for the shortcomings of the new retail and build and improve the digital marketing platform.