These factors are the number of speed cameras, the quality of the infrastructure, the number of fatal accidents as well as the number of cars per kilometer of road.

Conclusion: the worst country in the world in terms of driving stress is the United Arab Emirates, with a score of 88/100.

The reasons for this “record”?

Lots of cars on the road and the highest number of fatal accidents per capita.

Bulgaria occupies the second step of the podium with a score of 80/100.

The country obtained a particularly bad score because of its road infrastructure and the number of road accidents.

In third position comes Turkey (78/100) which owes its score only to the very high number of cars on the road (173.4 vehicles/km).

Italy follows closely (76/100).

This country is known for its unpredictable traffic.

It is therefore always better to plan extra time for possible traffic jams.

Hong Kong completes the top 5 due to its high number of fatal accidents per capita and the number of cars per km.

Believe it or not, France is rather well off, since it occupies only 35th place.

Finally, note that the least stressful countries to drive are Denmark, Finland, Japan and Spain.


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