The central government allocated 2 billion yuan for the development of agricultural production

  This newspaper, Beijing, March 31 (Reporter Wang Wenzheng) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Finance that in order to ensure the stable production of winter wheat and a bumper harvest of summer grains, the central government recently allocated 2 billion yuan through agricultural production development funds to support 11 major winter wheat-producing provinces. Crop green, high-quality and high-efficiency actions and socialized services for agricultural production, and do a good job in promoting the weak and strong winter wheat.

So far, in addition to the 1.4 billion yuan of autumn harvest, autumn and winter planting funds that have been distributed in Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other five provinces in November 2021, and the 1.6 billion yuan of disaster relief funds for agricultural production in 2022 that have been allocated in March this year, the central government The government has allocated a total of 5 billion yuan in subsidy funds for promoting growth and stabilizing production of summer grain and wheat, which provides a solid guarantee for the first battle of grain production throughout the year and a solid foundation for a bumper grain harvest.

  According to reports, in the next step, the Ministry of Finance will work with relevant departments to supervise and guide relevant provinces to make good use of the relevant funds issued by the central government, implement local investment responsibilities, speed up the implementation of fund allocation, promote the implementation of key measures to promote winter wheat from weak to strong, and effectively utilize the benefits of financial funds.