China-Singapore Finance, March 30 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) A strong market reappears!

On the 30th, A shares rose, the three major stock indexes opened higher and moved higher, and real estate and other sectors exploded.

  In the end, the Shanghai Composite Index closed up 1.96% at 3266.60 points; the Shenzhen Component Index closed up 3.10% at 12263.80 points; the ChiNext Index closed up 4.02% at 2696.83 points.

A-share closing performance.

  Over 3,900 shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen rose, while 802 shares fell.

The net inflow of northbound funds was 12.725 billion yuan throughout the day, and the single-day net purchase volume hit a new high since October 2021.

Among them, the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 6.352 billion yuan, and the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 6.373 billion yuan.

  On the disk, the real estate sector rose by more than 5%, setting the daily limit, and 27 stocks including Nanguo Real Estate, Tianbao Infrastructure, CCCC Real Estate, and Cinda Real Estate rose by the daily limit.

Among them, Tianbao Infrastructure has 11 boards in 14 days, CCCC Real Estate has 5 boards in 6 days, and Cinda Real Estate has 5 boards in 7 days.

  In addition, mineral products, household items, electrical equipment, winemaking and other industry sectors led the gains, while only the coal, petroleum, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery sectors bucked the trend and closed down.

In the concept sector, property management rose more than 6% to lead the broader market.

  On the 30th, large-cap stocks also rose. Aier Ophthalmology rose by more than 10%, Ningde Times and Mindray Medical rose by more than 6%, and Kweichow Moutai also swept away the previous decline and rose by more than 3%.

  "On March 16, the Financial Committee of the State Council held a meeting, followed by the central bank, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, etc. The establishment of the 'policy bottom' has greatly boosted market confidence, and the market has gradually risen since then." Cai Fangyuan, an analyst at China Galaxy Securities, said , the current all-A valuation bubble has been squeezed, and in the long run, it has been in a high cost-effective position.

  Bohai Securities believes that in the medium and long term, the goal of stabilizing growth this year is relatively clear, and the comprehensive registration system reform will also be implemented within this year. The market's shock process at the bottom will provide a good time window for allocating opportunities during the year. The focus should be on the next stage of the market. direction of force.