Hong Kong Stock Exchange: China's capital market will exceed one trillion US dollars in 2030

  News from this newspaper (reporter Sun Jie) connects China and the world, capital and opportunities, and the present and the future.

Yesterday, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange held the 2022 Corporate Day, and stated that it will implement these three strategies to realize the vision of building a leading market for the future.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange predicts that by 2030, the size of China's capital market is expected to rise to more than 100 trillion US dollars.

  Ou Guansheng, Chief Executive Officer of HKEX Group, said that in an industry that is highly competitive, constantly changing and constantly being subverted, HKEX must not only continue to do what it has always been good at, but also make use of its existing advantages to fully prepare for the future. preparation.

  The Hong Kong Stock Exchange predicts that by 2030, China's capital market will increase from the current US$30 trillion to more than US$100 trillion, which is expected to bring once-in-a-lifetime development opportunities to Hong Kong, Asia and the global market.

In the process of this great financial development, international investors continue to invest in China's capital market, and mainland investors invest in international assets, which will greatly drive cross-border capital flows.

  Ou Guansheng said that the continuous development of China's economy, the investment of more household assets in the capital market, and the three major driving forces of cross-border capital flows between mainland China and the international market will change the global financial landscape. Hong Kong will play an important role in this process.

He said that in order to realize the vision of building a leading market for the future, it is necessary to consolidate Hong Kong's status as an international financial center, promote the two-way flow of capital between the East and the West; build a vibrant and more diverse market, cultivate excellent enterprises, and do everything with customers. Based on this; always starting from the overall interests of the market, and committed to maintaining the good order, integrity, transparency and interconnection of the market.

  HKEX has put forward three strategies, namely, connecting China and the world; connecting capital and opportunities; connecting the present and the future.

Connecting China with the world, HKEX aims to develop into the preferred Chinese offshore financing, trading and risk management centre.

Connecting capital and opportunities, HKEx will enhance the attractiveness of the Group's IPO market, optimize the market structure, and improve the efficiency of trading, settlement, settlement and risk management.

Connecting the present and the future, HKEX is actively developing its platform business, leveraging flexible, modern and digital infrastructure to realize its future vision.