Last month's production of major domestic automakers exceeded the same month last year, with five out of eight companies increasing production overseas, somewhat lessened by the effects of semiconductor shortages.

Eight domestic automakers announced production in Japan and overseas last month on the 30th, and five companies exceeded the level of the same month last year.

Of these,

▽ Toyota Motor's overseas production reached a record high for February due to strong production and sales in Asia, especially in China, an overall increase of 10.9% from the same month last year. ..

In addition,

▽ Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. increased production by 10.2% in Indonesia, where the economy is recovering, and

▽ Honda also increased production by 8.1% due to strong production in China.

In addition,

▽ Mitsubishi Motors increased by 1.8% and ▽ Suzuki increased by 1.4%, and the effects of semiconductor shortages have alleviated to some extent, and production is picking up mainly in Asia, where demand for cars is strong.

On the other hand, Nissan Motor, Mazda and SUBARU were below the previous year's level.

Although the effects of the shortage of semiconductors and the new corona have diminished compared to last year, some manufacturers have been forced to temporarily suspend operations at their domestic factories this month as well.

Also, due to the situation in Ukraine, it is unclear whether the recovery trend of production will continue.