China News Service, Beijing, March 30 (Xu Jing) During the "post-Winter Olympics" period, the Shougang Ski Jump will be the world's first permanently reserved and used ski jump venue. Performing arts activities and other means are fully utilized throughout the year, and strive to become a new model for post-competition utilization of Olympic facilities.

  On the 30th, Beijing held a press conference on the "Action Plan for Deeply Building a New Landmark for Capital City Rejuvenation in the New Era to Accelerate the Transformation and Development of the Western Beijing Region (2022-2025)", which was introduced by the relevant persons in charge of Shijingshan District and Shougang in Beijing on the same day.

  Build a new sports base with ice and snow characteristics

  In the "post-Winter Olympics" period, Shijingshan District will continue to give full play to its territorial advantages, always strengthen the linkage between districts and enterprises, continuously optimize urban functions, accelerate the extension of municipal public facilities to the park, explore and improve the city's refined management system and mechanism, and orderly promote the "factory area" The transformation from "parks" to "communities" and "blocks" will promote the integrated development of urban parks in an all-round way.

  Shijingshan will scientifically plan the sustainable utilization of industrial relics and the Winter Olympics heritage, further consolidate the advantages of the "sports +" industry, build an urban fashionable new sports base featuring ice and snow, continue to maintain the vitality of the New Shougang Park, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the New Shougang North District. .

  At the same time, we will promote the agglomeration of "Science and Technology +" industries, take the China Science Fiction Conference, the Service Trade Fair and other major events as the traction, and use the Zhongguancun KONE as a platform to cultivate key links in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and continue to expand the industrial resource agglomeration in accordance with the 1+N development idea. Intensity and social attention, promote the transformation of the advantageous resources of all parties into a powerful kinetic energy for coordinated development, build a high-standard sci-fi industry cluster with the new Shougang as the core, and strive to create a new landmark of urban rejuvenation "together to the future".

  Taking multiple measures to enhance the vitality of the Shougang region

  During the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Shougang Park completed the renovation of industrial relics such as silos and silos, and carefully ensured services such as property, catering, and conferences, meeting the needs of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee for office work, international exchanges, and the operation of the four centers during competitions. .

At the same time, four training halls for short track and figure skating were rebuilt using the old factory buildings, supporting the construction of athlete apartments, providing training services for the national team, and also driving Shougang employees to realize the transformation from "fire" to "ice".

During the Winter Olympics, the participating teams from Shougang Park won 3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze for China.

  Shougang Park is taking multiple measures to enhance the regional vitality: hosting high-level international events such as the Ice Hockey World Championships; using industrial relics such as the No. 3 blast furnace to hold more than 200 professional brand events; Ideal, Weilai and other new car-making power exhibition centers.

Shougang Park is becoming a new landmark for future-oriented, youth-oriented and internationalized urban renewal.

  Shougang will adhere to the goal of creating a new landmark for the rejuvenation of the capital city.

Chang'an Street Golden Axis Urban Darning Innovation Workshop Area will continue to focus on inheriting the industrial culture context, reflecting new concepts such as dense road network in small blocks, three-dimensional slow-moving traffic system, open and shared communication space; international talent community enhances spatial inclusiveness, relying on the location of central urban areas Advantages, facing the international high-end talents and young innovative and entrepreneurial groups, forming a multi-functional layout of "innovative research and development + business office + sports and leisure + quality leisure", further promoting the balance of work and living in the region, and enhancing the new vitality of the sustainable development of the region.

The picture shows Beijing Shougang Park.

Photo by Xu Jing

  Shougang ski jumping platform will be used in four seasons

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Grand Jumping Platform Project Department of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd., the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform, which is very popular among citizens and tourists, will not be demolished. The big jumping venues meet multi-level needs and are fully utilized throughout the year, striving to become a new model for post-competition utilization of Olympic facilities.

  Shougang Ski Jumping Platform will bid to host international events such as snowboard and freestyle skiing World Cups, striving to become the permanent venue of the World Cup China Station, and continue to enhance its international influence; use the snowmaking season to jointly launch international training camps with professional institutions to attract more young people People come to the big platform to experience and participate in training, and hold training activities such as referees.

  At the same time, the Shougang Ski Jumping platform fully considers the fashion and trend characteristics of extreme sports, aims at young customers, creates IP for extreme sports events, and is linked with Shougang Extreme Park. In summer, extreme competitions such as BMX and skateboards can be held.

  In addition, the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform will also hold comprehensive performances such as outdoor concerts, light and shadow shows, and debut performances.