From March 25th to 27th, the China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum (2022) with the theme of "Welcome to the New Stage of New Energy Vehicle Market Development" was officially held.

As a cross-department, cross-field, and cross-industry think tank that promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy vehicle industry, China Electric Vehicle 100 has held the annual forum for 8 consecutive years. Electric car event.

  As the first and only company in the automotive after-sales service market to join the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association, Tuhu Yangche has been leading the industry's business transformation in the aftermarket of new energy vehicles in recent years.

In order to promote the healthy development of my country's new energy and intelligent vehicle aftermarket and after-service industry, during the forum, Tuhu Automobile Co., Ltd., together with China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association, CATL and other industry organizations and leading enterprises in the industry chain, launched the "New Energy and Intelligent Vehicle Aftermarket Alliance". "Innovation Platform" (hereinafter referred to as "Aftermarket Innovation Platform"), jointly create common technologies and industry standards, and build a standardized and innovative automotive aftermarket and after-service industry ecology.

At the same time, Hu Xiaodong, President of Tuhu Auto, delivered a keynote speech and announced the layout of the six new energy businesses of Tuhu Auto.

  Tuhu Yangche was launched on behalf of the aftermarket service market, and the first industry platform in the aftermarket of new energy vehicles was announced.

  At present, a new round of global technological revolution and industrial transformation is in the ascendant. The automobile industry has formed a new development direction of electrification, intelligence and networking on the supply side. At the same time, the concept of automobile consumption on the demand side is also changing from a single means of transportation to intelligent mobility. Terminal shift.

A new round of acceleration in the market has pushed the new energy and smart vehicle industry into a new stage of development.

  At the key node of China's new energy and smart car industry transformation, the trend of cross-border integration is obvious, and new business models emerge one after another.

The disruptive changes in automotive products have also brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the automotive aftermarket and after-sales services. The after-market and after-service of new energy and smart vehicles have gradually evolved into a vehicle life cycle value management as the main line, and the after-market The "chain ecology" that is strongly related to each link, mutual empowerment and coordinated development has become the internal demand for the development and growth of market players in each link.

  It is understood that the "post-market innovation platform" is jointly organized by Tuhu Yangche, China Electric Vehicle 100 Association, General Technology China Automotive Research Institute, National Big Data Alliance for New Energy Vehicles, National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center and Ningde Times. 11 industry organizations and Co-sponsored by leading enterprises in the industry chain, under the guidance of relevant government departments, around the direction of national policies, based on the development hotspots and industry pain points of the new energy and smart automobile aftermarket, build an efficient communication platform, implement government strategies, and solve new energy and smart automobiles In the aftermarket and after-service fields, many major industry issues such as in-use vehicle inspection, in-use vehicle evaluation, in-use vehicle circulation, safety and quality management, Internet of Vehicles services, financial insurance, battery charging and replacement services, repair and maintenance, and recycling have been established. Common technologies and industry standards, build a standardized and innovative automotive aftermarket and after-service industry ecology.

  Over the past ten years, Tuhu Auto has built a complete auto service system, taking the lead in establishing digital capabilities and participating in the industry's digital-based transformation, accelerating the integration of digital technology and auto service business scenarios, driving The intelligent production of aftermarket manufacturing enterprises, the intelligent management of stores and the upgrading of consumer maintenance experience have led the transformation of the entire industry chain to improve efficiency.

The implementation of digital economy application scenarios such as smart stores has driven the number of stores and users to a new high: As of September 2021, Tuhu Yangche has landed in more than 3,300 workshop stores and more than 33,000 cooperative stores nationwide, with 72.8 million registered users and Over 10 million active users.

  Leading the transformation and upgrading of the after-car service market, Tuhu Auto released six new energy businesses

  In the new energy era, Tuhu Yangche continues to assume the responsibility of the industry leader, conduct in-depth research on new fields and new tracks, and design corresponding aftermarket services in combination with new energy vehicle development nodes, so as to lead the industry to smoothly undertake new energy business and help The new energy industry will develop better.

  During the forum, Hu Xiaodong delivered a speech on the theme of "Doing a good job in the new energy after-sales market and promoting the vigorous development of the new energy vehicle industry", and also announced the layout of the six new energy businesses of Tuhu.

  Hu Xiaodong, President of Tuhu Automobile, delivered a keynote speech

  Hu Xiaodong said that Tuhu Yangche will speed up the transformation of new energy business under traditional vehicle maintenance outlets, make use of the conditions of existing workshops and stores, and appropriately transform new energy workstations to achieve "dual system services" and new energy vehicles + traditional fuel vehicles. One store and two service model.

As new energy vehicles have new capability requirements for multi-party technologies such as "three powers", Tuhu Auto will also improve the technician training system, and create qualified new energy technicians through digital online courses + systematic practical operations.

  In terms of power batteries, Tuhu Yangche will build a power battery maintenance service platform, improve the efficiency of the after-sales service system through the leading after-sales information system, and realize digital, standardized, professional and traceable after-sales service; promote Internet + power battery recycling Through the existing and renovated stores, technical centers, and storage centers, the construction of collection outlets and centralized storage outlets, the collection and storage, detection and classification of old power batteries, and the echelon and recycling of old batteries are realized. , practice the concept of dual carbon and environmental protection; explore the construction of a power battery operation and maintenance management platform with partners, establish a health management file for the battery system of the cooperative enterprise, and realize the safety management of the battery life cycle; explore the standard replacement mode of old power batteries, Cooperate with domestic mainstream battery companies to provide car owners with quality-assured, safe, reliable and cost-effective replacement products to meet the needs of car owners.

  The after-sales service of new energy vehicles takes the lead

  Based on the deep insight into the after-car service market, Tuhu Auto has successively launched a number of new energy after-sales services, and the original intention of "making car maintenance easier" remains unchanged.

  At present, Tuhu Yangche has built a team of professional new energy after-sales technicians with more than 100 people, whose service scope covers more than 250 cities across the country.

In addition, nearly 30 stores of Tuhu's vehicle maintenance system have completed the new energy transformation, and have the ability and authorization for the maintenance and authorization of new energy vehicles.

Hu Xiaodong, President of Tuhu Automobile, delivered a keynote speech

  Hu Xiaodong said that focusing on the pain points of new energy vehicle users, Tuhu Automobile is working hard to promote the business transformation of the industry in the face of the new energy vehicle aftermarket, actively build the basic capabilities of auto services, and create a more efficient business model, hoping to work with partners. To achieve complementary advantages, build a new energy ecological network, and help the development of the industry.