People's Daily Online, Beijing, March 28 (Reporter Sun Boyang) The reporter learned from the State Administration for Market Regulation that recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standard Committee) has released a batch of important national standards, involving agriculture and rural areas, ecological environment, public safety, industrialization and industrialization. integration and public services.

  In the field of agriculture and rural areas, focusing on implementing the deployment of "highlighting actual results and improving rural governance" proposed in the No. 1 document of the Central Committee, a series of national standards for "Village Affairs Management" were issued, the basic terms and definitions of village affairs management were defined, and village affairs management was specified. The classification of matters clarifies the compilation principles, procedures and contents of the operation process of village affairs, and puts forward specific requirements for implementing the process-based management of village affairs.

It is of great significance to transform the management mode of village affairs, standardize the development of rural governance, improve the modernization level of rural governance capacity, and consolidate the foundation of rural revitalization.

  In the field of ecological environment, two series of national standards including the "Technical Guidelines for Marine Ecological Restoration" have been issued, the overall process of marine ecological restoration has been proposed, the technical guidance and suggestions for each link of marine ecological restoration have been provided, and the guidelines for ecological restoration of coral reefs have been established. The work flow and technical content provide scientific guidance and technical support for the implementation of marine ecological restoration research and practice in my country, promote the standardization and systematization of marine ecological restoration work, and improve the effectiveness of marine ecological restoration projects.

  In the field of public safety, the national standard "Safety Shut-off Valves for Urban Gas Transmission and Distribution Systems" has been issued, which stipulates the classification, code and model, structure and materials, test methods, and inspection rules of gas safety shut-off valves for urban gas transmission and distribution systems. , quality certification documents, etc.

The implementation of the standard will effectively promote the development of the gas safety shut-off valve industry, ensure the safety of my country's gas transmission and distribution system, and maintain my country's technological advancement and international leading position in this field.

At the same time, the national standard "Safety Requirements for Escalators and Moving Sidewalks Part 2: Safety Parameters to Meet Basic Safety Requirements" was also released. Guidelines and guidelines are provided to eliminate and reduce the hazards and risks described in the basic safety requirements.

  In the field of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, two series of national standards including "Informatization and Industrialization Integration Management System" have been released. Centering on the new capability, the main line of digital transformation, the new capability classification requirements have been proposed, and the general rules for the classification and evaluation of the informatization integration management system have been provided. , to help enterprises accelerate the construction of a new capability system in the digital age, more effectively support the construction of new capabilities and digital transformation and development of enterprises, innovate government work ideas and grasp, and promote high-quality economic development.

  In the field of public services, the newly revised national standard "Social Insurance Registration Service Specifications" clarifies the scope of social insurance registration services, normative reference documents, terms and definitions, basic requirements, service content and procedures, business file management, Risk control, assessment and supervision, etc.

This revision reflects the requirements of the transformation of government functions, which is conducive to promoting the standardization of basic public services, standardizing the scope, content and process of public services, giving full play to the technical support and basic guarantee of standardization for the development of social insurance, and promoting social insurance. developing.

The newly revised and released national standard of "Basic Endowment Insurance Service Specifications for Urban and Rural Residents" has made key adjustments in terms of service channels, service concepts, and business practices, providing more convenient and efficient services to insured persons, and safeguarding the basic endowment insurance rights and interests of insured persons It is an important measure to implement the reform spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council of "delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation and improving services".

  It is understood that this batch of important national standards has been released in a centralized manner, as well as the "Rural Cultural Activity Center Construction and Service Specifications", "Rural Sanitation and Cleaning Service Specifications", "Technical Specifications for Evaluation of New Varieties of Chinese Medicinal Materials (Botanical Medicine)", "Chinese Medicinal Materials Seeds" " Remanufacturing, Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Evaluation Indexes and Calculation Methods, Self-supporting Run-flat Tires, Fire Performance Classification and Test Methods of Building Curtain Walls, Facilities and Equipment Requirements for Public Employment and Talent Service Institutions, and Compressed Natural Gas Steel Internal Materials for Vehicles National standards such as "Bile Ring Winding Gas Cylinder", "Building Doors and Windows Barrier-Free Technical Requirements" and "General Technical Requirements for Smart Factory" will all play an active role in their respective fields.