The Bank of Japan has released the "main opinions" of the monetary policy meeting held this month.

Policymakers have indicated that prices may continue to rise by about 2%, which is the target, from next month due to rising energy prices, but they say that they are not accompanied by wage increases on a large scale. We have confirmed that we will continue to ease monetary policy.

At the monetary policy meeting held until the 18th of this month, the Bank of Japan decided to maintain large-scale monetary easing measures and stated that the current state of the domestic economy "has some weaknesses but is picking up as a keynote." , Lowered the judgment.

According to the "main opinions" of this meeting released by the Bank of Japan on the 29th, it was pointed out that prices may continue to grow by about 2% from next month on the back of rising energy prices such as crude oil. One after another.

On the other hand, regarding the sustainability of rising prices, it has been pointed out that "passing on to retail prices is limited and the recovery of domestic demand is not sufficient" or "it is only temporary if the purchasing power of households does not increase". it was done.

He added, "Unlike Amelia and the United Kingdom, Japan is not in a situation where the inflation rate will continue to exceed the target of 2% due to rising wages," and "the future of the invasion of Ukraine." There is growing uncertainty, "and confirmed that large-scale monetary easing would continue.