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  The much-anticipated mid- and long-term plan for the development of the hydrogen energy industry has been implemented.

On March 23, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the "Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan").

  "Currently is an important window period for the development and application of hydrogen energy technology." Qi Haishen, president of Beijing Teyi Sunshine New Energy, said in an interview with a reporter from "Securities Daily" that although the hydrogen energy industry in the early stage of development is mostly regional Small-scale applications are mainly used, but on the whole, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation, hydrogen refueling, as well as any subdivision link in the hydrogen energy industry chain, such as hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen energy vehicles, can create several thousand billion-dollar market.

  Capital Market Financing Facility

  Will attract more hydrogen energy companies to go public

  As a secondary energy source with abundant sources, green and low carbon, and wide application, the "Plan" not only clarifies that hydrogen energy is an important part of the future national energy system, it is also a strategic emerging industry and a key development direction of future industries. It is mentioned that qualified hydrogen energy companies are supported to register and raise funds on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and ChiNext.

  Zheng Lei, deputy dean of the International New Economic Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily that since my country's hydrogen energy industry is still in the early stage of development, the problems of weak industrial innovation capability and low level of technical equipment still exist. Therefore, there is an urgent need for Fund support to help it increase technical research.

Compared with corporate debt financing with high financing costs, equity financing in the capital market is obviously more "cost-effective".

  "Science and Technology Innovation Board and Growth Enterprise Market are both aimed at technology-based and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, focusing on the innovation ability, scientific research ability, and future value and growth of enterprises. The threshold for listing is relatively low, the review time is relatively fast, and the cost of information disclosure is relatively low. It is relatively low and has a wide range of capital sources, which is in line with the characteristics and financing needs of the hydrogen energy industry.” Zheng Chenyang, a researcher at the Bank of China Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily that the financing convenience of the capital market will attract more hydrogen energy companies to go public.

  In addition to supporting qualified hydrogen energy companies to register and list on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and ChiNext for financing, the "Plan" also proposes to strengthen financial support.

  For example, banking financial institutions are encouraged to support the development of the hydrogen energy industry in accordance with the principles of risk controllability and commercial sustainability, and use technological means to provide high-quality enterprises with precise and differentiated financial services; encourage industrial investment funds, venture capital funds, etc. to follow the market The principle of transformation supports hydrogen energy innovative enterprises and promotes the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

  "Promoting energy transformation is an important task of green finance, and the development of hydrogen energy industry is a breakthrough in energy transformation." Zheng Chenyang said that the banking industry, as the main body of green financial business, will innovate diversified and multi-functional green financial products for the The hydrogen energy industry provides integrated and comprehensive services such as investment, loan, debt, stock, insurance, and lease.

  Ying Xiwen, a senior researcher at the Minsheng Bank Research Institute, also told the "Securities Daily" reporter that in terms of supporting the development of the hydrogen energy industry, banks can use credit funds to support projects related to the hydrogen energy industry, such as new energy hydrogen production, industrial by-product hydrogen projects, Hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing, hydrogen fuel cell and vehicle manufacturing, etc., can also give full play to the advantages of investment and loan synergy to support the development of hydrogen energy innovation and technology enterprises.

  "The introduction of the "Plan" outlines the future development direction of the hydrogen energy industry and makes a clear layout for the entire hydrogen energy industry chain." Lin Boqiang, dean of the China Energy Research Institute of Xiamen University, told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the development of hydrogen energy The road is still very long, and the government still needs strong support at this stage, and it is difficult to achieve profitability in the short term.

The "Plan" clearly will strengthen financial and financial support, which will play an important role in enhancing corporate confidence and promoting the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

  Major benefits for the industry

  Hydrogen energy enterprises usher in the spring of development

  Under the spring breeze of the policy, related companies have also begun to speed up the trillion-dollar track.

  "The "Planning" is like a 'spring rain' that nourishes the development of the entire hydrogen energy industry, and will push hydrogen energy companies to usher in a new development spring." Zhou Yifeng, chairman of Hongda Xingye, said in an interview with a reporter from "Securities Daily".

  As a leading hydrogen energy enterprise, Hongda Xingye was the first in China to carry out the linkage business of liquid hydrogen production, storage and transportation, and is a leader in the "full industry chain of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, energy storage, hydrogen transportation and hydrogen use".

In recent years, under the global vigorous promotion of new energy strategy, Hongda Xingye has actively responded to the call of the national green and low-carbon policy, combined with its strong chlor-alkali hydrogen production technology, vigorously developed the hydrogen energy industry, and achieved a number of strategic breakthroughs: the company has gaseous , liquid and solid hydrogen storage technologies; invest in the construction of my country's first civilian liquid hydrogen plant to break the extremely high technical barriers in the field of hydrogen liquefaction and fill the gap in domestic civilian liquid hydrogen production; build the first hydrogen refueling station in Inner Mongolia for hydrogen fuel The battery bus provides hydrogen and refueling services; innovatively researches and develops the first mobile hydrogen refueling station in China.

  In Zhou Yifeng's view, the "Planning" clearly pointed out that hydrogen energy is the key direction of strategic emerging industries, and it is a new growth point for building a green and low-carbon industrial system and creating industrial transformation and upgrading. One of the main forces in emerging industries, it also means that hydrogen energy companies will enjoy a series of policy dividends, capital dividends, and development dividends given by the state to strategic emerging industries from the policy level, which is undoubtedly a major benefit for the hydrogen energy industry. ."

  The relevant person in charge of Huadian Heavy Industry told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the company plans to develop hydrogen energy business from 2020, and strive to improve its capabilities in hydrogen energy technology development, equipment manufacturing, and engineering general contracting.

  LONGi, the leader in the global photovoltaic industry, started strategic research on the hydrogen energy industry chain as early as 2018, and cooperated with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions to research and develop equipment technology for hydrogen production by electrolysis of water, and officially established LONGi Hydrogen Energy on March 31, 2021. Technology Co., Ltd.

On October 16, 2021, LONGi Hydrogen's first alkaline water electrolyzer went offline, and the hydrogen production capacity of a single electrolyzer reaches 1000Nm3/h and above.

  As an important force in my country's heavy trucks, Shaanxi Automobile Group is also accelerating the promotion of the application of hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks.

The relevant person in charge of Shaanxi Automobile Group told the "Securities Daily" reporter that the three hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks developed by Shaanxi Automobile Dechuang in the future have been promoted in Hebei, Shanghai and other regions, and one of the hydrogen fuel cell tractors has been delivered to customers and will be soon. It was put into use in Yulin area.

"The by-product hydrogen in northern Shaanxi is rich, and there are about 150,000 heavy-duty fossil energy transport trucks operating with a transport radius of about 200 kilometers to 300 kilometers, some of which have reached the end of life. This is an ideal application scenario for the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry. ."

  Baoguang Co., Ltd., which is accelerating the layout of "hydrogen energy + energy storage", will establish Baoguang Lianyue in July 2021.

"Lianyue Gas, one of the company's shareholders, has invested in the construction of 7 high-purity hydrogen plants in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hunan and Shaanxi, including on-site gas production projects and retail gas projects. The "Planning" has no positive impact on the entire hydrogen energy industry. It is doubtful that the overall development of the hydrogen energy industry will definitely shift to the fast lane. In the next 3 to 5 years, Lian Yue Gas will continue to invest in 10 hydrogen plants, and deploy hydrogen refueling stations, liquid hydrogen plants and other related hydrogen energy facilities. " said Sun Wei, general manager of Baoguang Lianyue.

  "The encouragement of policies and the blessing of capital have enabled the rapid development of the hydrogen energy industry." Li Hongbo, executive secretary of the China Hydrogen Energy Industry Technology Innovation and Application Alliance, told the "Securities Daily" reporter that hydrogen is an efficient energy storage medium, and wind power It can not only be used in the field of hydrogen energy vehicles and industrial hydrogen, but also can be used as an energy storage resource to participate in peak regulation and frequency regulation on the grid side, and provide business development for hydrogen energy-related companies. new development space.

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