Opening an additional terminal at the capital's airport BER, although aviation has not yet recovered from the Corona dip - that in no way shows Berlin's cockiness.

Rather, terminal two is a gratifying part of the corrections to earlier downright adventurous errors at BER.

Among other things, this included building an airport that was too small after years of delays.

This shortcoming has not yet been completely eliminated: With the expansion, the new airport offers space for 31 million passengers a year.

Before the pandemic, however, there were a few million more travelers in Berlin.

The effects of the corona virus have so far prevented disclosure of all the consequences of incorrect dimensioning.

For the next few years, this can be concealed by the auxiliary construct that, if necessary, the old building of the GDR airport in Schönefeld could be switched on.

However, BER is still unfinished as the central departure point for Berlin.

And that there are hurdles in operation even without record traffic, BER users experienced last autumn when vacationers made for some very full days.

Such crowding now seems to have been averted, at least for nearby waves of vacationers.