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  "Tianwen No. 1" launched the Mars exploration, and "Striver" successfully sat at the bottom of the 10,000-meter trench... It can go up to nine days to catch the moon, and it can go down to five oceans to collect "ice".

  Manufacturing is the lifeline of the national economy, the foundation of a country, and the foundation of a strong country.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Made in China has strengthened key and core technology research, advanced the industrial foundation and modernized the industrial chain, accelerated the integration and innovation of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, cultivated high-quality enterprises, expanded the opening of the manufacturing sector to the outside world, and made manufacturing. The construction of a strong country has taken firm steps, and the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry has been steadily improved.

  The status of manufacturing power continues to consolidate

  In the main color of ice and snow blue, white streamers are flying, looming snowflakes and sports elements are embellished. This is the "Ruixue Yingchun" intelligent Fuxing high-speed EMU tailored by China Railway Group for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

On January 6, 2022, the first Beijing Winter Olympics train departed from Qinghe Station and arrived at Chongli in less than an hour, showing the world a new business card made in China.

  Highlights of major powers are numerous.

The first domestic aircraft carrier was officially commissioned, the C919 large passenger aircraft was ready for operation, the world's largest and most technically difficult vertical ship lift was put into operation in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the world's most advanced ultra-deepwater drilling platform was completed and put into operation, and the world's first 8.8m ultra-large Mining high intelligent mining equipment has been successfully developed, and UHV power transmission and transformation, large-scale excavation equipment, complete sets of coal chemical equipment, and metal nanostructured materials have ranked among the top in the world.

  A great power is an important weapon, and it interprets China's strength.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's status as a major manufacturing country has been further consolidated.

From 2012 to 2021, my country's industrial added value increased from 20.9 trillion yuan to 37.3 trillion yuan, of which the manufacturing industry added value increased from 16.98 trillion yuan to 31.4 trillion yuan, maintaining the status of the world's largest manufacturing country for 12 consecutive years.

Among the world's 500 major industrial products, the output of more than 40% of the products ranks first in the world.

The industrial system is more complete, with 41 major industrial categories, 207 medium industrial categories, and 666 small industrial categories. It is the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification.

  "The accelerated formation of a strong domestic market provides conditions for my country's manufacturing industry to transform from economies of scale to economies of scale and economies of scale based on mass customization. It has a large and comprehensive advantage." said Sheng Chaoxun, director of the Strategic Policy Office and researcher of the China Academy of Macroeconomics.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, focusing on the strategic overall situation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the great changes in the world unseen in a century, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has clearly defined the manufacturing The strategic position of the industry in the national economy and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and pointed out that "manufacturing is the lifeline of the national economy".

The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 Vision Outline further emphasize the goal and task of "maintaining the basic stability of the proportion of the manufacturing industry, enhancing the competitive advantage of the manufacturing industry, and promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry".

  "The scale of my country's manufacturing industry has continued to grow steadily, the industrial system has been improved, export competitiveness has been continuously enhanced, the status of international division of labor has continued to rise, and the status of the world's largest manufacturing country has been continuously consolidated." Qin Hailin, a researcher at the CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said.

  The international competitiveness of the manufacturing industry has been significantly enhanced.

In 2021, the export delivery value of industrial enterprises above designated size will increase by 17.7% year-on-year.

Communication equipment, high-speed rail, satellites, etc. have gone abroad as a system, and my country's manufacturing industry has continued to rise in the global industrial chain supply chain value chain.

  Emerging industries emerge

  The demonstration project of the high temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant was connected to the grid for the first time to generate electricity, and phased results were achieved in the fields of new displays, industrial mother machines, and new materials. From the accumulation of quantity to the leap of quality, from the breakthrough of point to the improvement of system capability, Made in China is making great strides towards the creation of China.

  Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee, the State Council and various departments have focused on the main line of deepening the supply-side structural reform, and placed the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in a more prominent position, focusing on the construction of advanced manufacturing clusters, industrial technology innovation, industrial A series of policies and measures have been formulated in terms of basic reconstruction, cultivation of specialized, specialized and new enterprises, integration of industrialization and industrialization, optimization of productivity layout, reduction of overcapacity, cost reduction, green manufacturing, construction of three products, and safe production. Local governments have responded positively to the introduction of supporting measures. , and basically formed a manufacturing policy system that is horizontally linked, vertically connected, and coordinated by all parties.

  Enterprises are the main body of innovation.

In 2021, incentive policies such as super deduction of corporate R&D expenses, reform of scientific research funding management and project management will be continuously improved and put into place, which will further stimulate the enthusiasm of R&D entities to invest.

Backbone leading enterprises take the lead.

In the latest list of the world's top 500 companies, 73 Chinese industrial companies were shortlisted, an increase of 28 from 2012.

  Small and medium-sized enterprises are active in innovation.

Qin Hailin introduced that my country regards cultivating "specialized, specialized and new" enterprises as an important starting point to promote the modernization of the industrial chain and enhance the competitive advantage of the manufacturing industry.

As of November 2021, my country has cultivated 4,762 national-level specialized, specialized, and new "little giant" enterprises, driving more than 40,000 provincial-level "specialized, specialized, and new" small and medium-sized enterprises.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the country will cultivate one million innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, 100,000 provincial-level "specialized, specialized and new" enterprises, 10,000 specialized, specialized and new "little giant" enterprises, and 1,000 "single champions" enterprise.

  Shanghai Zhida Technology Development Co., Ltd. is such a small and medium-sized enterprise.

It provides home smart charging equipment for new energy vehicle users. After years of development, it has become the industry "leader" of private charging piles in China.

After 2019, Zhida Technology began to transform to face end consumers, and with the help of JD.com's development ecosystem, it quickly found the password to drive the surge in sales, and strengthened the pace of innovation and development. In 2021, it was selected as the third batch of special Jingte's new "Little Giant" enterprise list.

  The collaborative innovation of large and medium-sized enterprises and the acceleration of innovation in various fields have also given China's manufacturing industry a "new" advantage.

Sheng Chaoxun said that emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, high-end equipment, new energy, and smart automobiles have accelerated their development and have become an important force leading the upgrading of the industrial structure and the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

Some "specialized, special and new" enterprises are based on unique skills to make refined, stronger and superior products, and their global market share is firmly in the first phalanx, accelerating their march to the high-end of the industrial chain.

  Strengthen the chain and strengthen the chain to improve toughness

  On December 29, 2020, when more than 3,000 laptops were loaded with the last logistics vehicle, Lianbao (Hefei) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.'s annual revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan - Hefei's "100 billion enterprise" was born.

Lianbao brings far more than one factory, but a chain of electronic information industry, and also introduces a global R&D team and a mature innovation system.

Today, for every 8 laptops sold in the world, one comes from Lianbao.

  "To improve the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, we must take the improvement of industrial basic capabilities as a key task, strengthen the supply guarantee of raw materials, key components, etc., implement the project of leading enterprises to maintain and stabilize the chain, and maintain the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain." Qin Hailin said.

  To make up for the shortcomings, China's manufacturing industry focuses on stabilizing the supply chain.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the promotion of the "Industrial Strong Foundation" project, my country has implemented a "package" of key breakthrough actions in ten fields and four foundations and a "one-stop" application plan for key products and processes. A batch of key core components, Breakthroughs have been made in materials, technologies and processes, and a number of typical path patterns for breakthroughs in strong foundations have been explored and formed, which effectively solved the "stuck neck" problem of four foundations in some key industries.

"Taking the field of information technology as an example, China's products and services in the fields of chips, sensors, basic software, and application software have gradually progressed from basic usability to ease of use and ease of use, and have initially formed a systematic and ecological development trend." Zhongcheng Think Tank said Liu Xu, senior vice president of Consultants Co., Ltd.

  Forging long plates, China's manufacturing industry has climbed to the high end of the industrial chain.

High-end innovations in the manufacturing industry continue to make breakthroughs, and scientific and technological achievements such as high-speed railways, manned spaceflight, lunar exploration projects, quantum communications, large aircraft, manned deep diving, radio telescopes, supercomputers, and 5G research and development continue to emerge. The new generation of information technology such as networking is deeply infiltrating the manufacturing industry, and some strategic fields such as domestic large aircraft, high-speed railways, third-generation nuclear power, and new energy vehicles have seized the commanding heights, realizing the leap from "following" to "running side by side" and "leading" .

  The industrial structure of the manufacturing industry will be optimized and upgraded at a faster pace.

The leading role of high-tech manufacturing and equipment manufacturing has been strengthened, and the proportion of industrial added value above designated size has increased from 9.4% and 28% in 2012 to 15.1% and 32.4% in 2021, respectively.

The level of green and low-carbon development has been significantly improved, and the energy consumption per unit of added value of industrial enterprises above designated size has dropped by 16% during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period on the basis of the substantial reduction in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.

The pace of digital transformation has accelerated, and the numerical control rate of key industrial processes above designated size in key areas and the penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools have reached 55.3% and 74.7% respectively.

  Manufacturing is strong and the country is strong.

Made in China is strong and strong, and walks sonorously. It will also consolidate the foundation of development for national rejuvenation and gather strength to move forward!