The script you play kills, is it legal?

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  From March 1, the "Shanghai Interim Regulations on the Management of Secret Room Script Killing Content" was officially implemented, and Shanghai became the first city in the country to include the secret room script killing into the management.

Industry insiders believe that this will promote the standardized development of the script killing industry.

  What is the hottest social game right now?

For young people, the secret room script killing is one of the answers.

In recent years, secret room script killing has developed rapidly with its novel entertainment methods and strong social attributes.

However, problems such as insufficient original quality products, frequent occurrence of bad content, serious infringement and piracy, and potential safety hazards have affected the healthy development of the industry, and have also adversely affected consumers, especially minors.

  From March 1, the "Shanghai Interim Regulations on the Management of Secret Room Script Killing Content" was officially implemented, and Shanghai became the first city in the country to include the secret room script killing into the management.

How will this new regulation change the fiery secret room script killing market?

  Bad content is frequent, and infringement and piracy are serious

  The rapidly developing script killing and secret room industry has become the "new favorite" of today's offline social networking.

Relevant consulting data shows that among the offline entertainment methods preferred by consumers in 2021, script killing ranks third after watching movies and sports and fitness. The market size of script killing in 2021 will reach 17 billion yuan, and it is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan in 2022. .

  The secret room script killing industry, which is still in the early stage of development, has gradually emerged.

Among them, the script, which is the core of the script killing, has frequent problems.

  Under the circumstance that the industry threshold is not high and the homogenization competition is fierce, some businesses attract customers with vulgar script content.

Sun Baolin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said that some script killings contain violence and terrorism-related scripts, which may have a negative impact on young people's ideology, world outlook and values.

He suggested to start with copyright to guide the healthy development of script killing new formats and introduce positive scripts.

  In addition, the problem of plagiarism and piracy of scripts is serious.

Searching for "script kill" on an e-commerce platform, the price of the electronic version of thousands of scripts is only 9.8 yuan.

Pan Xiangli, deputy to the National People's Congress, believes that the existence of infringement and piracy will greatly squeeze the market space of original works, and the rights and interests of script creators and merchants who buy genuine scripts will be violated, and the motivation to create and buy genuine scripts will be lost. The consequences of expelling good money.

  Content self-examination, registration and filing

  At present, there are more than 1,000 secret room script killing places in Shanghai, which is one of the cities with the most concentration of secret room script killing places in China.

In November 2021, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism issued the "Regulations on the Recordation and Management of Contents of Secret Room Script Killings in Shanghai (Draft for Comment)" to solicit opinions from the public, which will be officially implemented on March 1 this year.

  According to the regulations, the secret room script killing business unit shall establish and improve the content self-examination system, assign content examiners, implement corresponding technical supervision measures, and conduct self-examination on the content and activities of the scripts used in the operation, the scenes set, the costumes and props provided, etc. Check and manage to ensure the legality of content and activities.

On the first day of the implementation of the interim regulations, 39 operators of secret room script killing operators in Shanghai submitted filing applications in only half a day, and all of them obtained filing registration certificates.

  Holding the registration certificate of "Huangpu Drama No. 0001", Cao Zhenshu, vice president of script killing brand Mr. X, specially asked to take a photo with the staff at the Huangpu District Administrative Service Center to record the first script killing in the cultural tourism department in Shanghai and the country The moment when the content is registered.

Players who enter the store in the future can clearly see the list of scripts that have been filed by simply scanning the QR code on the card.

  The first batch of anecdotes infinities experience halls that have obtained the record certificate have three scripts for record this time. Among them, "Red Lover" is a new red theme script to be released in 2021, which is quite famous among players in Shanghai.

Chen Xiaoming, the person in charge, said that if a brand wants to be the "head" of the industry, it cannot do without self-regulation in the process of starting a business. The industry is developing in a healthy and orderly manner.”

  Promote the standardized development of the industry

  Whether the script is "new" is a key factor for many customers to choose the script to kill the store. Will the filing system affect the speed of the script being put on the shelves?

  The staff of the Marketing Department of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism said that stores do not need to worry about the obstruction of "new products". Enterprises can "record while operating", and the record management will not affect their normal operations.

According to the regulations, the Shanghai Secret Room script killing cultural business unit shall, within 30 days from the date the script is put on the shelves, file and register the script after the self-examination with the local culture and tourism bureau.

The regulations also make it clear that only when there are substantial changes in the story background, plot, characters, and dialogue of the script, it is necessary to re-filing.

  "Shanghai's relevant practices, especially measures to strengthen source management, will definitely play a role in the market." Zhang Qi, deputy director of the Hongkou District Culture and Tourism Bureau, said that in an open and inclusive development atmosphere, Shanghai is in the script. The implementation of the interim regulations will force the creation and distribution companies in the upstream of the industry chain to create more compliant scripts.

  The operators are also looking forward to the implementation of the regulations. Bu Weiquan, the head of Haoweilan (Shanghai) Culture Media, is the recipient of the first filing certificate in Putuo District.

Previously, a number of relevant functional departments in Putuo District have carried out various safety inspections on the script killing venues, which not only involve safety requirements such as venue spraying, smoke detection, passage distance, safety gates, wiring, etc., but also include personnel management, health monitoring and other epidemic prevention and control requirements. control requirements.

  Bu Weiquan said frankly that there was a disorderly development in the script killing industry in the past, but now there are clear regulations, which will play a role in promoting the development of the industry. Whether it is operation, management or script, the development will be more standardized, which is also conducive to healthy competition.

Pei Longxiang