The decline in injuries and the abundance of supply and the large number of pharmacies are factors that strengthened competition

Pharmacies in Abu Dhabi reduce prices for anti-Corona supplies up to 62.5%

The market for supplies to combat the “Corona” virus and strengthen immunity is witnessing intense competition.

Photography: Najeeb Mohamed

Pharmacies in Abu Dhabi, for the first time, entered into intense competition, after offering significant discounts on the prices of supplies to combat the emerging Corona Virus pandemic "Covid-19", with rates reaching 62.5%, primarily masks, sterilizers, and gloves, as well as vitamins.

A tour of "Emirates Today" in a number of pharmacies in Abu Dhabi showed value-added offers that include obtaining one package for free for one purchase, or buying two packages and getting the third for free.

Two officials in two pharmacies attributed these offers and discounts to the abundance of supply, and the significant decrease in the number of HIV infections, in addition to the entry of pharmacies into the production sector, and the large number of pharmacies.

In detail, the consumer, Saeed Muhammad Salem, said that the market for supplies to combat the “Corona” virus is witnessing intense competition between pharmacies and outlets in Abu Dhabi, pointing to pharmacies that offer discounts of up to 62.5% on types of sterilizers, masks, and vitamins, at a time when outlets’ discounts range Selling between 20 and 60%.

He explained that the price of a type of masks decreased by 50% from 15 dirhams for a package to 7.50 dirhams, and the price of a type of sterilizer decreased by 62.5% from 12 dirhams to 4.5 dirhams.

He added that the discounts included vitamins related to strengthening immunity by 50%, as the price of a type decreased from 190 dirhams to 100 dirhams, with a decrease of 47.4%, in addition to offering value-added offers that include buying one product and getting the other for free, and buying two products and the third for free.

Salem emphasized that competition between pharmacies and outlets is in the interest of consumers, and provides them with multiple options and reasonable prices.

Various offers

For her part, consumer Ahlam Hassan said that discounts in some pharmacies amounted to 50% on types of masks, vitamins, and gloves.

She explained that a pharmacy offered a type of masks for 14.30 dirhams, after it was sold for 20 dirhams, a decrease of 28.5%, and a type of gloves was offered at 17 dirhams, from 27 dirhams previously, a decrease of 37%, as well as vitamins, one of which was offered at 80 dirhams. Instead of 160 dirhams previously.

She pointed out that the discounts began about three weeks ago and are still continuing, which provides opportunities and wide options for buying.

imported and local

Consumer Fadi Abdullah agreed that the current period is witnessing for the first time offering discounts on anti-Coronavirus supplies of up to 50%, which created great competition between pharmacies on the one hand, and outlets on the other.

He pointed out that a type of masks was offered at 15 dirhams per package, compared to 23 dirhams previously, a decrease of 34.7%, and a type of sterilizer was launched at nine dirhams, compared to 15 dirhams previously, with a decrease of 40%, in addition to offers of discounts on vitamins.

He stated that the discounts included imported and local items that differ from what retail outlets offer, which provides wide options for consumers in terms of type and price.

Unprecedented Offers

In addition, the director of a major pharmacy in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Ravi Akashman, said that the current period is witnessing unprecedented offers, in light of competition with sales outlets and retail stores, as well as intense competition between pharmacies themselves, especially in light of the entry of new chains of pharmacies into the market. And the opening of new branches of major pharmacies in the emirate.

Akashman pointed out that the entry of pharmacies, production and manufacturing lines for requirements to prevent the virus, and the abundance of supplies, especially local species that have witnessed development, and a significant decrease in the number of infections, are factors that contributed to the offering.

Variety and abundance

The director of a pharmacy in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Amani.M, agreed that pharmacies entered a strong competitor in the market for anti-Corona requirements in light of the opening of large chains for the first time in the emirate, which strengthened competition between the pharmacies themselves on the one hand, and with outlets on the other hand. She pointed out that the great diversity in the species offered, the abundance of quantities offered and the decline in injuries supported the market offers. She explained that the high demand for vitamins, especially those that enhance immunity, during the period of the spread of "Corona" at rates of up to 50%, prompted pharmacies to put them in the offers.

• Offers include one free package for one purchase, and a third free package for two packages.

• 50% reduction in the price of a pack of masks from 15 dirhams to 7.50 dirhams.

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