With smartphones compatible with the latest communication standard, 5G, being introduced one after another, Apple, which has a market share of nearly half in Japan, has begun selling terminals with reduced prices.

The focus is on gaining momentum in the use of 5G.

Apple started selling the new model of "iPhone SE" on the 18th, and people who made reservations lined up at the directly managed stores in Tokyo Omotesando, and when it opened at 10 am, they were buying a new model.

The terminal is compatible with the latest communication standard 5G, and the price is from the 50,000 yen range, which is lower than the iPhone 13 etc.

5G compatible smartphones are being introduced one after another by each company, and since it is possible to watch fine images without delay with high-speed, large-capacity communication, various services such as combining AR = augmented reality technology are being developed. increase.

According to research firm MM Research Institute, iPhone accounts for nearly half of the smartphones shipped in Japan in the six months since April last year, accounting for 45%.

The focus is on whether 5G usage will gain momentum as brands with many users introduce terminals with lower prices.

A man in his 40s who bought it said, "It's nice to feel that it's compact and fits in your hand. I'm looking forward to high-speed communication."