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  Buy a batch of "pre-made dishes" online, follow a coach in the "mirror" to exercise, and realize a magical "fitting" in the cloud... Nowadays, digital technology is making young people's consumption behavior more fresh and interesting. Created a series of distinctive fashion consumption patterns.

  Expand new AR scenarios

  "Did you know? Go to Dewu APP to buy shoes now, and you can try them on in the cloud." Liu Xiang, a student of Shanghai University, is a loyal fan of Dewu APP.

He told reporters that when buying shoes online, there is always the trouble of trying them on. The shoes sent back often don’t fit well. Now they can “try them on the cloud”, which solves a big problem.

  It turned out that in order to restore the real try-on scene, the newly upgraded AR function of the Dewu APP has achieved a number of innovations in technology and appearance patents, and it is at the leading level in terms of model fit, motion stability, and restoration of authenticity.

Chen Ying, vice president of Dewu APP, said that the digital economy continues to heat up, and how to use digital means to promote the growth of consumer demand has become a hot topic at the moment, and young people's demand for quality consumption is constantly increasing.

In addition to more diverse high-quality products, they also focus on a more convenient and interactive consumer experience.

"To this end, Dewu APP integrates and innovates digital technologies such as AR with multiple application scenarios, allowing young people to enjoy high-quality goods and services that they can see and feel. Under the background of the rapid development of the digital economy, digital technology Accelerating the integration with various industries, Dewu APP actively explores digital innovation, hoping to better meet young people's desire for a better life, and promote consumption upgrades and the release of consumption vitality."

  Since the first application of AR technology to "cloud shoe test", the AR function of Dewu APP has been extended to AR makeup test, AR test of watches and sunglasses, AR test of artwork and other diverse life scenarios.

"Post-90s" Bobby had previously taken a fancy to several watches such as Omega and Longines in the Dewu APP.

During the Spring Festival, after "trying on" 5 watches through the Dewu APP, he finally bought a diving watch with a sapphire mirror.

"The try-on effect is very real. You can intuitively feel the dial size, metal texture, leather texture, and even the engraved details of the strap and buckle without going to the counter." Bobby said, "The most surprising thing is that even the hands of the watch are Walking in real time, synchronizing with the current time, 100% restore the real fineness from the details, so that shopping has a very intuitive reference.”

  Chen Ying said that in the AR try-on scene, the hands of the virtual watch can move dynamically and synchronize with the real time in real time, which is the first in China.

  Create a new entry for traffic

  In the cloud, shoes can be worn, watches can be worn, and clothes can be tried on?

The answer is yes.

  "In this store, you can see the clothes you try on when you pick up the hanger. It's really amazing." Ma Xiaoyun, a "post-00" girl, told reporters about her "shopping adventure".

  The company that created this "cloud fitting" scene is Shanghai Jirutai Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Chen Xiao, the person in charge of the company, told reporters that the company's stores are full of smart hangers. As long as the hanger is gently lifted, in addition to seeing the basic information of the clothes, the top of the screen will also display the real effect of the clothes on the model.

In addition, there is a smart shooting room in the store. By collecting information such as the customer's height and making a personal image, you can try on various clothes on the store's APP.

"Not to mention more than a dozen pieces, hundreds of pieces of clothes can be tried on. In the future, customers can try on the latest clothes without leaving the house." Chen Xiao told reporters that this technological method mainly uses real-life CR technology.

"We have been developing this technology for 8 years. The main principle is to combine a real customer photo and clothing photo with a unified algorithm to generate a try-on effect. We can also generate video, and there will be more application scenarios in the future." Chen Xiao said.

  Gathering in the cloud, this new type of traffic portal is gathering more and more young people.

In addition to clothes and shoes, in the "eating" link, merchants have also used their brains to focus on pre-made dishes, eliminating the need to make them at home.

  Zhu Yun, a 29-year-old white-collar worker in Shanghai, told reporters: "I bought 10 gift boxes of dishes from Lixiangguo. I don't have to spend a lot of time washing, picking, and seasoning vegetables. When I get home, I can heat up and 'show my hands', saving myself The trouble of cooking has fulfilled the dream of 'people sit at home, and food comes online'."

  Data from Dingdong Shopping also showed that during the Spring Festival this year, the sales of pre-made vegetables more than tripled compared to last year, with 3 million copies sold in 7 days.

At the same time, the unit price has more than doubled.

This year, Dingdong Maicai has developed more than 50 "Dingdong ace dishes" with characteristics from all over the country, focusing on restaurant dishes that are not easy to make at home, and can be served on the dining table simply by heating them at home.

  Wang Lin, head of Lixiangguo, said that the current rise of the pre-prepared vegetable industry is inseparable from social development. The changes in the social labor force structure allow Chinese families to spend less and less time in the kitchen, and consumers are looking for more time-saving and labor-saving The perfect dining table solution; pre-made dishes save people's tediousness and add new imagination space. Consumers also expect the pre-made dishes industry to continue this competitive vitality and set off a long-lost dining table innovation.

  Unleash new vitality in consumption

  After the "magic box" of cloud consumption is opened, more and more people find that digital technology has rich application space in addition to food, clothing and housing. Every time a scene is opened, it is a release of consumption vitality.

  The Winter Olympics have just ended, but the popularity is still continuing, and fitness has become an indispensable "check-in" content for young people every day.

Can you send the coach to the "cloud" to bring fitness home?

The answer is yes.

  "Post-90s" white-collar Xu Xiaohan has been "cloud fitness" on the smart fitness mirror recently.

"My favorite course is the fighting training of Mr. Dashan in the FITURE magic mirror." He told reporters that he was sweating profusely every time.

  The reporter learned that, through the vertical screen 4K shooting technique of one mirror to the end, and the combination of AI technology and the concept of "breaking the fourth wall", the interactive content intelligent fitness course of FITURE magic mirror is not limited to conventional training guidance. The presentation has a sense of screen suspension, which has higher substitution than traditional online fitness courses, bringing users an immersive fitness experience.

  At present, FITURE's officially launched courses have covered more than 2,000 courses in 16 categories such as HIIT, strength shaping, yoga, Pilates, aerobic dance, etc., with nearly 100 topics, which can meet all age groups, different goals and interests. User needs.

  In recent years, the development of sports, fitness and leisure activities has maintained a high growth rate.

Combined with the development direction of the sports industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the intelligent sports industry has broad prospects.

"National fitness + technology" has become a market growth point and breakthrough. The use of sports apps and smart fitness hardware has become the norm, with a utilization rate of 75%.

  "The innovation of digital technology relies on the vigorous development of the digital economy and new digital consumption." Chen Ying told reporters that taking Dewu APP as an example, the AR function of Dewu helps more than 30% of users make consumption decisions every day. You can try it on, you can try on a watch, you can try makeup when you dress up, and artworks will be "on the wall"... The immersive shopping experience brought by these AR technologies allows consumers to intuitively feel the size and details of the products during online shopping. Features and dressing effects can help them find their favorite products faster and more accurately, and stimulate their enthusiasm for consumption.

  "Young people's potential demand for product quality and consumer experience is being released on a large scale, which is the internal driving force that inspires entrepreneurial companies to continue to use digital innovation to ensure quality consumption and improve service experience." Chen Ying said.

Our reporter Li Zhiguo