Zhongxin Finance, March 14th. Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the "Administrative Measures for the Subsidy Funds of the Central Finance for Urban Affordable Housing Projects".

The "Measures" clarify that the scope of subsidy funds support includes: rental housing security, renovation of old urban communities, and renovation of urban shanty towns.

  The "Measures" pointed out that the subsidy funds refer to the transfer payment funds of the common fiscal powers arranged by the central government to support eligible urban residents to ensure their basic housing needs and improve their living conditions.

The implementation period of the subsidy funds is until 2025, of which the pilot policy of the central government to support the development of the housing rental market will be implemented until December 31, 2022.

  The "Measures" emphasize that local financial departments at all levels should implement special management and separate accounting for the subsidy funds, and use them in strict accordance with the prescribed purposes.

Local housing and urban-rural development departments and project implementation units at all levels shall use subsidy funds in strict accordance with the provisions of these Measures, and are strictly prohibited from misappropriating them for other purposes, and shall not draw work funds or management funds from the subsidy funds.

  The "Measures" clarify that the scope of subsidy funding includes:

  Rental housing guarantee.

It is mainly used to support the financing of public rental housing, affordable rental housing and other rental housing, and to provide rental subsidies and other related expenses to eligible urban housing security objects who rent housing in the market.

Among them, the central government's funds to support the development of the housing rental market are mainly used to support the pilot cities to raise rental housing resources through multiple channels, build housing rental management service platforms and other expenses related to the development of the housing rental market.

  Renovation of old urban areas.

It is mainly used for the construction and renovation of supporting infrastructure and public service facilities such as water, electricity, gas, etc. in the community, the repair of public areas of houses in the community, the energy-saving renovation of buildings, and the support for the installation of elevators and other expenses where conditions permit.

  Urban shantytown renovation.

It is mainly used for expropriation and compensation, resettlement housing construction (purchase) and related supporting infrastructure construction in urban shanty town reconstruction projects, and shall not be used for housing development other than resettlement houses in urban shanty town reconstruction, and business and services for supporting construction. Expenditures on construction of operating facilities such as businesses.

  According to the "Measures", the subsidy funds can take the form of investment subsidies, project capital injection, loan interest discounts, etc., according to the content of support, to play the guiding role of financial funds and attract social capital to participate in the investment, construction and operation management of urban affordable housing projects.