This year's spring battle will reach the "intensive response day" on the 16th.

With the recovery of business performance, major automobile and electrical equipment companies are likely to receive full answers as requested by the labor union, but the business environment of companies is becoming more uncertain due to the military invasion of Russia into Ukraine, and positive answers. The focus is on how far it will spread.

Labor-management negotiations began last month at a major company in this spring battle, and the 16th will be the intensive response day by the management side.

Of these, in the automotive industry, Toyota Motor Corp. last week gave a full response to the union's request for wage increases and bonuses, and negotiations were concluded ahead of the intensive response date.

In addition, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. have virtually settled with a full answer.

In the electric industry, the electric union made by each company's union was asking for 3000 yen per month as a base-up equivalent, but according to the people concerned, Toshiba and NEC are making final adjustments in the direction of answering the full amount. ..

The automobile and electrical industries continue to be affected by the shortage of semiconductors, but it is expected that positive responses will be received one after another in response to the recovery trend in business performance.

On the other hand, in the steel industry, which negotiates once every two years, the unions of each company requested 7,000 yen per month for two years as a base-up equivalent, but Nippon Steel, JFE Steel, and Kobe Steel have three companies. The monthly fee will be 3000 yen in 2022 and 2000 yen in 2023.

In the food service industry, which has been in a difficult situation due to the corona, Zensho Holdings, which operates "Sukiya", is going to raise the base, but negotiations over the standard are in the final stages.

Regarding this spring battle, Prime Minister Kishida called for cooperation to raise wages by more than 3% for companies whose business performance has recovered to pre-Corona levels.

However, uncertainty about the future is increasing as the prices of raw materials such as energy and grains soar due to Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, and the focus is on how far positive answers will spread.