Zhongxin Finance, March 14 (Reporter Liu Liang) The reporter learned from the State Administration for Market Regulation that in 2021, China will achieve positive results in strengthening anti-monopoly and optimizing fair competition.

  The first is to further improve the legal system of fair competition policies.

Focusing on the new requirements for high-quality development and the new characteristics of the digital economy, we will accelerate the revision of the Anti-Monopoly Law, and further improve the basic anti-monopoly legal system.

Promote the formulation of the "Opinions on Strengthening Anti-monopoly and Deepening the Implementation of Fair Competition Policies", further improve the fair competition policy framework, and build a fair competition policy implementation mechanism covering all links before, during and after the event.

  Formulate and publish the "Anti-monopoly Guidelines on Platform Economy", "Anti-monopoly Guidelines on APIs", and "Overseas Anti-monopoly Compliance Guidelines for Enterprises", and revised and issued the "Implementation Rules for the Fair Competition Review System" to further improve system rules and improve fairness The predictability and transparency of competition policy and anti-monopoly legal system have basically established a fair competition legal system that covers online and offline, and is increasingly systematic and complete.

  The second is to further enhance the effectiveness of anti-monopoly supervision and law enforcement.

Adhere to equal emphasis on development and regulation, treat all market entities equally and equally, adhere to strict norms, fair and civilized law enforcement, strengthen and improve anti-monopoly supervision and law enforcement in key areas of people's livelihood development such as platforms, medicine, public utilities, building materials, and investigate and deal with 176 monopoly cases. The amount of fines and confiscations was 23.586 billion yuan, which effectively maintained the market order of fair competition, protected the legitimate rights and interests of various market players, and safeguarded the interests of consumers and the public interest.

  Investigate and deal with the monopoly case of "choose one" in the platform economy according to the law, establish rules and set examples in the whole industry, and promote the continuous, standardized and healthy development of various entities.

We concluded 727 cases of concentration of business operators, of which 1 was prohibited and 4 were approved with additional restrictive conditions, and 107 cases of concentration of business operators were publicly punished for failing to declare the concentration of business operators according to law. Release the widely criticized exclusive copyright in the field of online music, and create a fair, efficient and orderly market competition environment.

Strengthen administrative guidance and publicity of law enforcement information, publish the "Annual Report on China's Anti-monopoly Law Enforcement (2020)" and ten typical anti-monopoly cases, widely spread the concept of fair competition, and urge enterprises to consciously operate in compliance with laws and regulations.

  The third is to further maintain the national unified market.

In-depth implementation of the fair competition review system, reviewing 244,000 newly issued policy and measure documents, correcting and abolishing 11,200 documents that violated the review standards, and regulating administrative behavior from the source.

Focusing on key areas such as government procurement, public resource transactions, transportation, and housing construction, 46 cases of abusing administrative power to exclude and restrict competition, such as restricting transactions and hindering the free circulation of commodities, were investigated, and more than 140 clues were checked to resolutely safeguard domestic unity. market, and promote the smooth domestic circulation.