Russia's invasion of Ukraine is also affecting the price of our meals.

Prices for Norwegian salmon as well as Russian fish are rising.

A hypermarket recently raised the price of salmon for sashimi by 15%.

Another hypermarket raised the price of live Norwegian salmon by 26%.

Norwegian salmon is mainly imported by air transit over Russia.

As Russian airspace was closed, freight costs increased due to the use of the detour route, which was also reflected in the price.

Distributors are in the position that there is no problem in supply and demand right now as there are long-term contracts, but they are looking for various alternative sources to stabilize prices.

As salmon prices have risen sharply, some restaurants have already stopped selling salmon menus or raised their prices.

In the case of king crab and pollack, which have a high proportion of imports from Russia, distribution companies have secured supplies through pre-orders, so it is not expected to have a significant impact in the short term.