CCTV News (News Network): The plan of the year lies in the spring.

As the temperature rises, preparations for spring ploughing have been carried out successively from south to north. All localities are based on the early days, rushing into farming time, and ensuring spring ploughing, laying a good foundation for a bumper grain harvest throughout the year.

  During the spring ploughing preparation season, the irrigated Yahu terraced fields in Wuzhishan, Hainan are full of water, and the spring ploughing is beautiful.

This year, Hainan Province has stimulated farmers' enthusiasm for planting grain through policy support, incentives and subsidies to benefit the people. At present, 74% of the province's early rice transplanting area has been completed.

  Hunan invested 110 million yuan in 55 counties to carry out subsidy pilot projects for rice machine transplanting and machine throwing, driving the province to invest more than 40,000 rice transplanters and throwing machines; relevant departments in Jiangsu organized 13 service teams to go to the grassroots level. Go to the field to guide farmers to prepare for spring ploughing; Jiangxi accelerates the construction of high-standard farmland and the promotion of agricultural machinery to ensure that the sown area of ​​grain will only increase.

In Dongshao Township, Ningdu County, Ganzhou, scattered land was transformed into high-standard farmland, and agricultural machinery was put into use on a large scale.

  Henan organized 18 provincial-level wheat expert steering groups and 13,000 agricultural technicians to provide services in Baoxian and Baoxian County; Hebei stepped up the transfer of agricultural materials, and completed the reserve of 450,000 tons of chemical fertilizers and 2,000 tons of pesticides to ensure spring use. Fertilizer has been continuously increased; Shandong has invested 1.15 million units (sets) of agricultural machinery, and relies on socialized service organizations to manage wheat fields in spring.

  Heilongjiang faces the important task of increasing soybean planting area this year. In order to ensure a high grain yield, scientific researchers have carried out technical research, so that the germination rate of soybean seeds can reach over 95%.

  The latest agricultural information from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shows that, except for the northern part of Xinjiang, winter wheat in the whole country has turned green in an all-round way.

Since the end of February, the temperature has risen rapidly, coupled with better soil moisture, the winter wheat seedling situation has rapidly transformed and upgraded.