Nanjing Consumers Association released the 2021 auto consumer complaint analysis report

  The new car I bought was rusty, and even after a week of driving, the brakes started to emit smoke... When it comes to car rights protection, many car owners are too "grieved"!

On March 10, the Nanjing Automobile Consumer Rights Protection Committee released the 2021 automobile consumer complaint analysis report, and 80% of the complaints are new car consumer complaints.

Among them, the failure to fulfill the contract, the quality of the car, and the failure to fulfill the three guarantees are more prominent.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Jiang Jingyi

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The style is not written into the contract to confirm

Rights Defenders in Dilemma

  Consumer Mr. Zhou booked a 1.5T BMW X1 in a 4S store in Nanjing in February 2022, and then negotiated with the 4S store to purchase the 2022 2.0T model.

When picking up the car, Mr. Zhou found that the car was out of the factory in December 2021, so he raised an objection to the 4S shop.

The sales staff of the 4S store said that all the 2022 models will be shipped after July 2021.

  After verification, the 4S shop said that the BMW X1 manufacturer has never advertised the 2021 and 2022 models, and the car purchase agreement did not write the 2022 model.

Qin Youyue, deputy director of the Automobile Rights Protection Committee of the Nanjing Consumers Association, said that because the consumer-related car purchase contracts and invoices did not specify the word "2022", although the sales staff of the 4S store verbally approved it, they could not be held accountable. .

  In order to achieve sales, the sales staff of the BMW 4S shop used verbal false propaganda to mislead consumers.

Therefore, in the process of purchasing a car, consumers must confirm the model, configuration and other terms confirmed by both parties in text form in the car purchase contract, in order to avoid the dilemma of being misled and unable to protect their rights.

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After the recall, it is out of warranty and then fails

What should the manufacturer do?

  On the evening of October 29, 2021, the car owner, Mr. Wang, drove 3 kilometers away from the Nanjing toll station exit of the Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway. The vehicle suddenly stalled (no power for refueling), and finally stopped in the emergency lane.

Wait until the high-speed emergency wrecker pulls the vehicle out of the high-speed before getting out of danger.

After inspection by the 4S shop, it was confirmed that the electromechanical control unit of the gearbox was damaged, but the 4S shop believed that the vehicle had passed the warranty period and needed to be repaired by Mr. Wang at his own expense.

  Mr. Wang's vehicle was purchased in June 2011. The manufacturer publicly promised that the gearbox has a 10-year warranty and a driving mileage of 160,000 kilometers. In November 2013, the manufacturer recalled and replaced a new gearbox electromechanical control unit.

Mr. Wang believes that the ten-year warranty period of the car should be counted from the manufacturer's recall and replacement of the gearbox electromechanical control unit in 2013.

  After verification, the vehicle was indeed recalled by the manufacturer in 2013, but the purchase date of the vehicle was June 2011, and the failure occurred in October 2021, which has exceeded the ten-year warranty period.

As for the manufacturer's recall in 2013, it is only a safeguard measure to prevent and eliminate the quality defects of this batch of vehicles. The warranty period of the vehicle should be calculated with the whole vehicle, so consumers need to repair at their own expense.

  But it cannot be denied that the car was recalled in 2013 due to the replacement of the gearbox electromechanical control unit. This time, the component failed at high speed, causing the vehicle to stall and putting the driver and passengers in danger.

Should manufacturers improve the quality of automotive products to avoid such problems from happening again?

Keywords: after-sales service

Bought a new car and found rust not long after

4S shop does not handle?

  Consumer Mr. Sun purchased a SAIC Volkswagen Skoda in November 2021 without careful inspection when purchasing the car.

On January 2, 2022, after he opened the hood, he saw that all the screws of the turbocharger pump were rusted. After inspection by the repair shop, he found that the engine room seemed to have been cleaned, and the screws were rusted in many places. The door frame rubber strip is aging and so on.

After the consumer complained, after verification by the Consumers Association, the 4S store admitted that the situation described by the consumer was true.

It turned out that this was because the 4S store put the new car in the open-air parking lot, which was exposed to the sun and rain for a long time.

Although consumers only discovered the problem after more than a month, as after-sales service, 4S stores should also help consumers actively deal with it in a timely manner.

  When consumers pick up the car, they should also carefully and carefully check the condition of the vehicle. If they find that many screws in the engine compartment are rusted, the door frame rubber strip is seriously aged, etc., they can refuse to accept the car.

Consumers Association Reminder >>>

Consumers should achieve "equivalence of information" before buying a car

  In response to car complaint cases, Cao Wei, deputy secretary-general of Nanjing Consumers Association, suggested that consumers must shop around before purchasing a car to avoid consumer disputes over returning deposits.

Be sure to check carefully when signing the contract. "Many sales people make hype and give away a lot of things in order to sell the car, but it does not appear in the contract, which leads to subsequent disputes." Cao Wei suggested that consumers should know more about the car when buying a car. Model and configuration, don't be fooled by unequal sales information.

  With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, how do consumers choose new energy vehicles?

Qin Youyue said that consumers generally know the model online in advance, and then go offline for a test drive.

"At present, BYD, Ideal and other brands have the largest sales of domestic new energy vehicles, and the quality and service are good." Qin Youyue suggested that families should consider new energy vehicles when purchasing a second car. "Although new energy vehicles have travel costs Low, but the charging facilities still need to be improved, so fuel vehicles are still the mainstay for long-distance travel, and new energy vehicles can be considered for daily short-distance commuting to get off work.”